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Today we received two new magazines from Denmark. One in Danish with the beautiful name 'Elvisnews' and the other in English, 'Elvis Unlimited'. Both have the latest news and information about all new releases, being it books, CDs or DVDs. Elvisnews also has an article about the pilgrimage to Graceland and one about Lisa Marie. Elvis Unlimited has a nice story about Elvis in the (rehearsal) studio by Sandi Miller (as told to Megan Murphy).
Updated: Oct 14, 2004 
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CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 16, 2004report abuse
Henrik Knudsen and Lars Gjeding have both done a great job on these excellent great magazines. Even though I can't read Danish, I still enjoy the Danish version.It has more pictures and different artwork layout than the English one. As a completist, I need to have both English and Danish versions in my Collection. This superb magazine is printed on good quality glossy paper and every page is in full color. If you still have not subscribe to it, you know not what you are missing. Two Thumbs Up! Highly recomanded.

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