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Elvis is said to be the most photographed man in history. If not the most photographed, he is certainly one of the most photographed anyway. From every angle and corner, Elvis has been exposed, "recycled" and captured, almost from the day he first stepped in at Sun in Memphis, to record that little single for his beloved mother - or from the day he redefined popular music. Since then, every moment and movement of his life and career has almost been captured on film. The result: An enormous collection of Elvis photos spread around the World. But what was missing in that huge collection - for a big deal - was some crucial information of what, whom and who was seen on the pictures. "Who is Elvis standing with on that pictures?," you have probably asked yourself a hundred times. That problem has now been solved by Elvis Unlimited. They will publish the book "Elvis And Other Celebrities" by Martin Kloster very soon.
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Jul 22, 2004 
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//\\//\\ (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2004report abuse
Reader meet author: Hi there!
I hope you all great Elvis fans will like my new book. It has taken me a year to find all the information and put it together in this splendid new book.
You'll find some nice pictures of Elvis - some well-known and some really rare - in Elvis and other Celebrities.
The cover picture has been made thanks to Leif Korreborg. I'm glad you like it King Of Western Bop and I'm sure Leif will be pleased to hear that!
The book will be released on August 10, 2004.
Cheers, Martin - author of the book - and lots of love from Denmark
King Of Western Bop (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 23, 2004report abuse
Love the cover picture! I'm straight as a die but I have to admit that Elvis is probably the best looking man I've ever seen. Jealous? You bet I am! Will be great to see those pics.

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