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Here we have the artwork of the bootleg DVD "The Final Days". This disc features 3 shows, including some of the June tour e.a. Indianapolis. Also featured on this DVD are the Omaha, NE June 19th '77 show, the Rapid City, June 21st '77 and the "Official CBS Special". The quality is at least just as good as it was released on the import video tapes. The CBS-concert is bad according to postings on several messageboards. Also featured on this DVD 2 CBS Specials from August 1977, including the TV special from the day Elvis passed away, hosted by Geraldo Rivera. The quality on this one is not that good, but still interesting.
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Gan (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2007report abuse
Could anyone please let me know if it is still in stock and where I can buy it.
shalala (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 16, 2004
Invisible because there was a link/email included
Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 21, 2004report abuse
Can you please tell me where I can get a copy of this. Thanks guys.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 16, 2004report abuse
Every fan, every critic - everyone has now seen or own this poor quality DVD. The only thing now is that EPE let the whole world see a Perfect Quality version. ELVIS still Rules!!!
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 15, 2004report abuse
I agree with all the comments wholeheartedly. How about EPE releasing a DVD 77 Special in 2007 to mark 30th Anniversary? Personally thats too long to wait for me !!!
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 15, 2004report abuse
EPE Graceland thinks that nobody will get to see these Concerts since they are not releasing them. WAKE UP EPE - these Concerts are now doing mass circulation all over the world. Until the day when EPE decides to put these Concerts out on a perfect quality DVD the whole world will have no choice but to buy and make do with these inferior qualty versions. What a bloody shame. It's all so sad really..
Rob Nelson (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 15, 2004report abuse
Love the cover! I agree with all the comments regarding the CBS TV Special and yes, I agree with the comment about waiting 27 years! I sincerely hope these shows are officially released (FTD, BMG/RCA) on day and are offered the same care as the recently released NBC-TV Special and Aloha From Hawaii DVD sets. The early songs such as "Trying To Get To You" are fantastic performances by Elvis during this tour. But, there are so many highlights during these shows. I am biased because I love Elvis' music during this period. But, I geuninely believe the publicity surrounding his death fades shortly after Elvis appears on stage. The viewer is offered a fantastic sound and visual performance as we are drawn into Elvis' musical world of the moment. Here is hoping this official release will see the light of day.Thanks.
Steve Grayson (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 15, 2004report abuse
Elvis fans will be thrilled or with mixed feelings when this dvd is released - It was not one of Elvis best period ( health-wise).(O heck - he was human after all-.) Well this will be interesting to me as an avid Elvis fan , to get to own this on dvd . I have parts of this show on This is Elvis video and would like to own this when this dvd is released . well i hope that we fans do not have to wait too long for this . Lets See What The Outcome Is
CEP (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 15, 2004report abuse
The last tours are fascinating in a way but they should only have a controlled release through the FTD label.A carefully edited DVD of the show stoppers rather than the throwaway hits would be great.
Raleighroadace (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2004report abuse
I think EPE should release a carefully edited version of the Omaha and Rapid City concerts from June 1977.I have rather poor vhs copies of these two concerts,and there are some fantastic performances such as Trying to get to you,Its now or never,Fairytale and of course the band solos which are amazing!The band solos have actually been cut out from my vhs copy of the Rapid City concert,which is a shame.They may be on the dvd.One of the best moments is the start of the film when it shows Elvis arriving by limousine dressed in the Sundial outfit.The camera then follows him backstage where he is presented with a 'medallion of life' by a little girl.
If the concerts were ever released officially a lot of the between song banter should be cut out as Elvis deos sound very poor.In my opinion This Is Elvis should have contained any of the above mentioned songs instead of Love Me as it wasn't Elvis' best performance and there were sound problems. I live in hope for an official release of these concerts,even if it's only available by mail order for the fans.
ep1tcb (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2004report abuse
As so many times, when there is another bootleg release concerning the last tour/months of Elvis' life, it doesn't make me excited but doesn't leave me cold either. And since this (and all the other unofficial stuff) are the only things we can hang on to, because EPE will never ever officialy release all this (believe me, after 27 years, they won't) I'd say.... It's oke. Send me a mail with the adress to buy my copy of this, and i will seriously consider to do so. Thanx

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