Cover Art The Elvis Presley Show - Holding Down The Fort

Here is the cover of the upcoming Madison 2CD release entitled "The Elvis Presley Show - Holding Down The Fort" featuring the Elvis performance from June 3, 1976, recorded at Fort Worth, Texas. From the info: About five years ago Madison issued portions of this show, unfortunately far from complete and in lesser sound quality. However, this 2006 collection will be taken from a first generation soundboard recording in excellent sound quality. The recording is not without any flaws as there are quite a few feedbacks during '' C. C. Rider '', a tape stretch at the end of side A damaged "Jailhouse Rock," and the recording of "Hound Dog" was stopped early on. These have been replaced by the same tunes done just one month later in the same building. However, the incomplete June performances are included as a bonus for the "soundboard collector" in all of us. And the packaging will include a 16 page, illustrated booklet with relevant text. But there's more! For the first time, this " 30th Anniversary Edition " will feature all the music from the " pre-show, " with Joe Guercio and the Hot Hilton Horns, J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet, and The Sweet Inspirations. All these performances will be as presented that night in Fort Worth. Highlights from the first CD include " When The Saints Go Marching In " and "You'll Never Walk Alone" from the Stamps, and the Sweet Inspirations energetic vocals on " Philadelphia Freedom, " " Lady Marmalade " and a medley of Stevie Wonder hits. The stand up comedian Jackie Kahane's set was not recorded and will not appear on this release. Elvis' concert itself will feature all the tracks previously released on Madison's Cajun Tornado, but this time in much better sound quality from the first generation soundboard recording and in unbroken running order. Some of the previously unreleased performances will include " If You Love Me (Let Me Know), " " Heartbreak Hotel, " " Help Me " and many more. Don't miss the dynamic 1976 return of The Elvis Presley Show to Cowtown!!! CD1: The Pre-Show 01 - Guercio Introduction / Theme From S.W.A.T. / Love Me Tender 2:32 / 02 - Stamps Introduction / Your First Day in Heaven 1:44 / 03 - You'll Never Walk Alone 2:41 / 04 - Operator 3:03 / 05 - When The Saints Go Marching In 2:58 / 06 - Inspirations Introduction / Philadelphia Freedom 3:42 / 07 - Lady Marmalade 3:15 / 08 - Introduction of Musicians 2:25 / 09 - Stevie Wonder Medley Boogie On Reggae Woman ("Party ... Stevie Is A Wonder") / For Once In My Life / You Got It Bad Girl / Superstition / You Are The Sunshine Of My Life / Livin' For The City / All In Love Is Fair / Higher Ground / Closing Announcement 7:40 Total time = 30:07 Track 1: Joe Guercio and the Hot Hilton Horns / Tracks 2-5 : J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet / Tracks 6-10 : The Sweet Inspirations All tracks previously unreleased CD2 : The Main Event 01 - Introduction Also Sprach Zarathustra 0:47 / 02 - C.C. Rider 4:40 / 03 - I Got A Woman / Amen 7:39 / 04 - Love Me 2:34 / 05 - If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 3:22 / 06 - You Gave Me A Mountain 3:24 / 07 - All Shook Up 1:05 / 08 - Teddy Bear -Don't Be Cruel 1:58 / 09 - Heartbreak Hotel 1:52 / 10 - Help Me 2:38 / 11 - Jailhouse Rock 1:36 / 12 - Fever 3:11 / 13 - Polk Salad Annie 3:51 / 14 - Introductions by Elvis of vocalists, band 3:07 / 15 - Early Morning Rain (John Wilkinson) 102 / 16 - What I'd Say? (James Burton) 057 / 17 - Johnny B. Goode (James Burton) 055 / 18 - Drum solo (Ronnie Tutt) 1:27 / 19 - Bass solo (Jerry Scheff) 1:36 / 20 - Piano solo (Tony Brown) 1:17 / 21 - Electric piano solo (David Briggs) 1:00 / 22 - Love Letters 2:43 / 23 - Introductions by Elvis of vocalists, orchestra 0:25 / 24 - School Day (Joe Guercio Orchestra) 1:18 / 25 - "Happy Birthday" to Bruce Jackson 0:26 / 26 - Hurt 1:53 / 27 - Hurt (full reprise) 1:57 / 28 - Hound Dog 2:58 / 29 - Funny How Time Slips Away 4:36 / 30 - Can't Help Falling In Love 1:42 / 31 - Closing vamp and announcements 2:26 / Bonus tracks : 32 - Jailhouse Rock (incomplete) 0:54 / 33 - Hound Dog (incomplete) 0:21 Total time = 71:54 Tracks 5-10, 14, 16-21, 23-24 and 32-33 previously unreleased ; Tracks 11 and 28-31 recorded at the same venue, on July 3, 1976
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mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 10, 2006report abuse
If you want to find ways to get thesem then go to ebay,buy something from a seller with good feedback,ask sellers about this item,youll have to ask around on ebay,thats just the way it is, no one is gonna give you a link,its not allowed and its not how it works!
ELVIS73 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 9, 2006report abuse
this sound like a great realese is there any way to get it aside from ebay?
Elvisy (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 6, 2006report abuse
Shakingruud, You are right Elvis was INCREDIBLE in looks even at his worst! Hulk?? Show me any Hunk of today even looking remotely like Elvis did in those old movies when the digital cameras were'nt invented. Elvis had a face at all times to DIE for!
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 6, 2006report abuse
You got that right,i for one never go on and on about elvis looks,i am after all a man myself, i always find that funny and sad at same time! might not be my fav cover,but really dont care, ill buy it for the music which is why im here in first place!
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 6, 2006report abuse
great cover, great picture. what's all the yelling about him looking bad, old or fat?!! I'm so tired of people saying 'he looks bad in this concert', 'you can see he's on drugs here', 'this picture makes him look fat', blablabla. First of all: try and take a look in YOUR mirror and with some rational thinking you'll stop judging and moaning about irrelevant things. The music and the feeling he brought in it and the artistic way he approached his songs and appearance is what matters. So tired by now of those dumb comments about his looks. If you were judged like that all the time on the street you would be crying in your bed whole day...
June (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 3, 2006report abuse
Elvis was beautiful until his very last breath.
falchro1 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 2, 2006report abuse
I'm as old as Elvis was in 1976 and am not doing too bad, but I still wish I'd look only half as good as Elvis looked then... except for the weight... if he had managed to keep his weight under control, he would have been just stunning, out of this world, especially for his age. Like this at least one can sort of relate to him as a fellow human being. Getting older does things to one's body!
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 2, 2006report abuse
Indeed so. Ageing also does something to the face. We have to accept that. Whether or not a person is 'using something' one's face (and rest of the body) tends to become fatter. Nothing ot be ashamed of. As Tangerine rightly referred to, that also has its charm and in the case of Elvis: just look at the sweetness he expressed! Whenever I listen to a(ny) concert I get that distinct feeling that he was part of the life of those present. Almost like family. We were (well I at least was) even interested in the well being of HIS family too. That is so unique. That is the result we felt and still feel of thee love he extended to all of us. Therefore concerts are basically sharing the experience of being together with him, having fun and enjoy. If you want a perfect song, listen to the other cds. A live show always has the uniqueness of meeting a good friend.
Elvisy (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 1, 2006report abuse
He will always look beautiful ! He was and will always be the most lovely faces of all time!Seriously even when Elvis had weight he had that awesome lovely face.
Ronaldv (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 1, 2006report abuse
Nothing wrong with this cover, something different at least. I can't wait to hear this show. Bring it on! I agree to my brother Frans in Bangkok about this long expected release.
Frans67 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 1, 2006report abuse
I'm looking forward to what should be an awesome release; the sound quality should kick *ss ! All the best from Bangkok! (Just saying hello to my brother in Hoorn; Holland)
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 1, 2006report abuse
The pictures is taken before he turns green..... just kiddin´friends, i just dont like the cover, but you are all right, its more important whats on the disc! And thats great stuff!
jb4elvis (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 30, 2006report abuse
Actually I like the cover. However, what is on the CD is more important.
MarkE (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 30, 2006report abuse
i agree with jessy, nice lookin cover, very rare pic, i cant see the hulk on it!
jessy (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 30, 2006report abuse
Nonsens, he doesnt look like The Hulk.!!! And the picture Is not so bad, I see Lisa Marie.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 30, 2006report abuse
I d have to agree this isnt the best cover,they have had a great track record of putting out great covers,seems they goofed this time, but i am glad to see this is finnaly being released!
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 30, 2006report abuse
OOPS, what an ugly cover.....looks bit like The Incredible Hulk......

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