Cover Art Live A Little Love A Little Hollywood Classic

Here is the cover art of the "Hollywood Classic" import release of "Live A Little Love A Little". Previously released movies in this series are "Charro" and "Tickle Me", these were video copies transferred to DVD. These releases are region free and use the NTSC standard.
Source: Email / Updated: Dec 10, 2006 
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Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 13, 2006report abuse
You "suspect"? Where's your evidence? I hope you're right but as with a few other Elvis flicks, I have little faith they will see official DVD release in '07 just because it's been 30 years.... I do hope I'm wrong. Until then, I don't blame die-hard fans for going for import versions.
emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 12, 2006report abuse
I suspect that Warners will release the remining films mid Summer 07 to tie in with the 30th Anniversary. That is the scheduled release of the revamped This Is Elvis. So don't part with your hard earned dosh on these boots just yet.
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 12, 2006report abuse
This is one of my favorite movies. <g> I don't blame bootleggers for doing such releases. I have DVD-Rs of "Tickle Me" and "Girl Happy" in full "letter-box" versions, as they were obviously made from Turner's movie channel, but I'd buy official versions in a heartbeat. Nearly all of us will always defer to an official version. I recall that TMC also broadcast the full "letterbox" version of "Live A Little, Love A Little" awhile ago and I thought the print they used was excellent. Thank god the studios finally realized that we need to see the whole original film, not the "modified for TV" (cut) versions. Until then, I guess I'll have to hang on to my MGM/UA videotape of LIVE A LITTLE... I may get this disc as well.
SPK (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 12, 2006report abuse
Come on Warner Brothers. Help us Elvis fans out and release these officialy with top quality and outtakes. Thank you!
TexasRex (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 11, 2006report abuse
Where does one buy Hollywood Classic releases?
Mississippi-Flash (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 11, 2006report abuse
I don't agree EJF. The reason why FTD excists is the fact that the bootlegs were so succesfull. I have to be honoust: I have a bootleg-version of this movie (a good one) and I am planning to buy the original release also (just because it's of better quality). Until then, my copy will do.....
FJE (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 11, 2006report abuse
There's only one way to stop these releases. DON'T BUY THEM! I never bothered with "Charro" and "Tickle Me". And I will do the same with this one. Just ignore them, then perhaps Warner Bros., or whoever owns the rights will deliver.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 11, 2006report abuse
I will never understand WHY these movies are never ever going to be release on legit copies. Surely from the successful TV run and re-run, and the many unofficial versions and great demand..Warner Brothers must be idiots to just let their original film reels rot in the vault,while these Importers laugh all the way to the bank. EPE should buy over the rights and release them - Elvis On Tour, Charro, Tickle Me, Kissin' Cousins, Girl Happy, Stay Away Joe and Live A Little, Love A Little.
MR61 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 10, 2006report abuse
Never mind this when will they be released legit.
Jth (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 10, 2006report abuse
If this release is anything like the Charro-release, which I own, then I suggest you stay away from it. "Charro" from the "Hollywood Classic" series is dreadful in audio and video quality

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