Cover Art From Burbank To Honolulu Volume 2

Here is the cover art of the promotional CD "From Burbank To Honolulu Volume 2" the Dutch fan club Elvis 4 Everyone released to promote the recent DVD box sets from "Burbank" and "Honolulu".
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Sep 13, 2004 
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Blue Suede (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2004report abuse
I think the cover art of the promotional CD "From Burbank to Honolulu, Vol. 2" is very nicely done and appropriate to the product it is intended to promote. Webster's (English dictionary) defines the word 'promote' as 'to contribute to the growth, success or development of'. There is no mention of the cost (or lack thereof), so unless a 'promo' is advertised as free, it should not be assumed that it is.
Steve Grayson (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 14, 2004report abuse
Well the cover of From Burbank to Honolulu looks great . I expect since this is a promo , it should be given as a free cd to people who gets the magazine - or dvd sets - The dvd sets were great and costs to purchase and people should not be fooled in purchasing this cd -it should cost nothing - its only a promo- Give it free with magazine and let people enjoy Elvis .Come on get your facts straight - this is a promo that accompanies the 2 gt. dvd sets.-
lets be fair-
Cr (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 13, 2004report abuse
A give away.Let they come on time with their magazine
And when you write them they don't answer. I know a few
people that complain about the same situation.T hey also order so many items (and pay for that) but not received. So they released a cd for promotion the two great dvd sets.(or only to make money?). o.k It's a nice cover and maybe you'll can it free with the new magazine. A promo is a giveaway

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