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Here is the cover art of the upcoming Albert Wertheimer book "Elvis At 21: New York To Memphis" (regular hardcover). This hardback from Insight Editions featuring Albert Wertheimer's seminal Elvis photos from 1956 will be released in October 2006 in several editions. The regular hardcover will have 224 pages (ISBN:1933784016) has an RRP of US$60.00 (Amazon is offering it discounted to $37.80 + postage and handling) while the deluxe edition (248 pages; ISBN: 1933784113) will retail at a whopping US$395.00 (Amazon has it discounted to $248.85).
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Devon (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 28, 2006report abuse
This book is almost like the one that was wrote called... Last train to Memphis, the rise and fall of Elvis. I would not buy it. It is only put into a new cover to be resold.

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