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Here is the cover and the track listing of the upcoming CD "Elvis - Ultimate Gospel" we received from the Elvis From Poland website. 1 How Great Thou Art 2 So High 3 Amazing Grace 4 Crying In The Chapel 5 You'll Never Walk Alone 6 Swing Down Sweet Chariot 7 Milky White Way 8 His Hand In Mine 9 I Believe In The Man In The Sky 10 Where Could I Go But To The Lord 11 If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side 12 Run On 13 He Touched Me 14 Bosom Of Abraham 15 Lead Me, Guide Me 16 Joshua Fit The Battle 17 If We Never Meet Again 18 I, John 19 Reach Out To Jesus 20 Who Am I? 21 Help Me 22 Miracle Of The Rosary 23 Take My Hand, Precious Lord 24 (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)
Source: Elvis From Poland / Updated: Feb 5, 2004 
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Jon Thor (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 11, 2004report abuse
I agree with Jon Burrows: if you don't like it, then don't buy it - nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag - and kev, just how many of the general public would buy a cd with one disc of Elvis gospel songs? Propably more than buy a cd set with two (Amazing Grace) or three (Peace In The Valley), and then there are those that want the cheapest cd
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 8, 2004report abuse
I heard there are some surpises in this package pertaining to enhanced sound.
Pharamond (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2004report abuse
I would like to know how many times the same song from Elvis has sold on diferend albums. No wonder we see only sales of a few milion,RCABMG never bothers to promote the same album again, they should promote albums like 30 N°1s and 2nd to none every year that way Elvis would have sold a lot more copies of the same album. Why do they not do this, it is simple, give the fans a new cover and the same songs and they buy it, it is so easy. Strange is also the commend from Ernst Jorgensen that there is no money for a single and promotion, but they do have money to bring us the same things over and over again. And Ernst is it so hard to tell us how many copies Rubbernecking sold as a single? And when you are at it, give us also the sales figure of 2nd to none world wide, why is that allways such a secred at RCA BMG.
kev11467 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2004report abuse
What is this...Gospel Volume 23 redux?? For the general public? Here's what the "general" public does...they browse, pick up the 7 or 8 Gospel cd's...see the same songs on all of them, and perhaps picks the one with the most songs that give them the best bang for their buck. Enough already BMG. While you've made great strides since the abomination dating back to Elvis' lifetime ("Burning Love and Hits From His Movies" anyone??) This has got to stop. Want to impress us? Keep up with the bootleggers. FTD at this point should be the only source for Elvis releases.
Bill (BW) (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2004report abuse
I love the cover -- simple with class! Gospel sells. This is for the general public. Is an "Elvis: Ultimate County" also planned for release?
James69 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2004report abuse
"The Trouble With Girls" was filmed from October 28th 1968, to December 16th 1968. It was released September 3rd 1969. It would be nice if they used the full picture for the cover shot.
lray (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2004report abuse
The photo is from, "The Trouble With Girls." It was filmed in late 68 and released in 69. I believe Elvis is playing the piano in this picture, with his eyes down looking at the piano keys.
Theo (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2004report abuse
I just love the cover! It's good and simple. It shows Elvis at his peak, somewhere in '69 I think. I for one, am not going to buy this one, though. Every original Elvis gospel track has already been released twice in the past ten years and I have them already. I might buy a new set of gospels only if it's complete (like Peace In the Valley) and if it has the new upgraded sound (from E1 & 2nd) or if it is in SACD or DVD 5.1. sound
Marco Aurelio (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2004report abuse
I liked very much the cover art. The tracklisting is fantastic. I agree with Honk. 1º: Where is "Where No One Stands Alone" ? 2º: If this release is not for Elvis fans, they will have to promote this one here. Here in Brazil, many, many, many people ain´t even know that Elvis 30#1 Hits exists! What a shame BMG...
Honk (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2004report abuse
I just have on question. Where is "where no one stands alone"?
Jon Burrows (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2004report abuse
I just want to comment on what Ernst Jorgensen has said on Bill Burk´s Elvis World Luncheon; this release is not solely for the fans, as so many think here - this release is also for the public (it´s necessary to promote Elvis to the public; I hope some demanding Elvis fans release that), and especially for the music store owners - as they have seen Amazing Grace and Peace In The Valley for such a long time, that they think it´s boring and if you don´t replace the cd´s with a new cover we´re gonna miss the shelve place for Elvis. And if you don´t like it, then don´t buy it!
SilviaZ (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2004report abuse
I think that the cover looks just great.
Jeoliverm (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2004report abuse
Oooooooooooh! Anyway, each one of us have our own opinion, ok, but I can't keep mine just for myself. I don't bother a thing about the tracklisting 'cos I like almost all the gospel that Elvis recorded. I have so many gospel compilations and the regular albums too, that the ''multiplication'' of any song is so great that I don't mind which ones are included here. But the cover sucks, as James69 has written, because it looks like a budget (and very cheap) CD, as the CAMDEN compilations were on the seventies. It has EXACTLY the same cover style that have maby of the CDs that you see in the mall shops, compilations that are not made by the original label of the artist (hope I have explained what I mean). After all we have to wait the BMG confirmation of both: tracklisting and cover.
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2004report abuse
The cover is great. The tracklisting, in my opinon, should have avoided any overlap with the 'Peace' disc of Christmas Peace, but it's a nice list. Perhaps the live version of How Great thou Art from Elvis In Concert (my personal fave, but any live version would work) should be used instead of the studio version, which has been on dozens of collections.
ttwiise (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2004report abuse
same old stuff, in a rubbish cover. We`ll get it in DSD which means ud die-hards will buy it again. Didn`t we just get a gospel cd on tnew xmas album. I agree with Jaap a different approach is needed. I`d still rather have 2nd to none in DVD Audio....WAKE UP!!!!
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2004report abuse
I like the cover. It's simple and to the point. Reflecting the purity and simplicty of the gospel music contained therein. The track selection is superb. Couldn't be better(imo).
jaap van der leij (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2004report abuse
Come on fans.It is stll the same things Only in a different cover Why not a special edtion with a bonus dvd or something.Rca wake up come with something new.
ccrider (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2004report abuse
I think the cover is really cool!!! Nice track listing as well.
Stacey75 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2004report abuse
The cover is plain & simple, but not an eye catcher. This is why so many people will not notice it on the shelves.
CapiTrueno (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2004report abuse
I think this cover is very nice.
Dan The Man (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2004report abuse
Very nice track listing and as a Gospel CD, the cover has got style!
James69 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2004report abuse
Track listing is ok, but that cover sucks! C'mon BMG how UN-original is that?

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