Comeback And Aloha Preview Trailers

On the site of Tower Records you can preview trailers of both the Comeback and Aloha DVD sets. Follow The link below.
Source: Tower Records / Updated: Jun 11, 2004 
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macuser (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2004report abuse
Forget any music DVD you have today on the shelves; Forget Britany Spears,Kane or even Jim Morisson at his prime or for that matter Robbie Williams or even Kurt Curbain unplugged!

Today i bought 2 of the finest new refurbished Elvis Presley shows on DVD at the specially held Elvis World' premiere party at the Stairway to Heaven club in Utrecht for Û 50,- wich will later be higher when the 2 DVD's hit the shelves on june 19th/21st 2004 at the Free Recordshop Rotterdam and the Megastore in Amsterdam for it's nationwide release.

The NBC TV Special aka "The 68 Comeback special" is a great 3 piece DVD set with a small black booklet inside on the left containing all the inns and out's of the whole DVD box-set.
The first DVD is black and contains the orginal TV special segment and the 2 sit down-shows with Elvis and his 3 piece orchestra.
The second DVD(the white one) contains both stand-up shows,the alternate Trouble/Guitarman segments, all outtakes of the show closer If i can dream, the Huh huh huh TV special promo and as special gift! If i can dream Music video of 2004!
The 3rd and final DVD (red one) contains the leftovers/scratches if you will of the whole show with the Gospel and Guitarman production numbers.

I myself found the 2nd DVD the most entertaining cause it contains all the "WOW..i've never seen him that raw before" segments in it.
In all worth BIG TIME your money EVEN of you are not a regular Elvisfan cause this DVD even beats hands down the That's the Way it is SE DVD or any current music DVD of any popstar of today when you are talking on a entertaining level.

The Aloha from Hawai deluxe DVD set is all in white with red letters and Elvis his name in Gold and inside decorated in Hawaiien-colours and has 2 DVD's and a beautiful booklet inside.The first white DVD contains the concert's of jan 12th aka the rehearsel concert, and the wellknown jan 14th 1973 concert aka regular Satellite concert and the arrival-scene by helicopter. The 2nd DVD( gold one) contains extra songs Elvis recorded after the live show as add-on's for the satellite-special.

Both concerts are really a major upgrade compared to the previous releases from studio Lightyears and gives us more Elvis the before.Yes there are also alot of in between shot camera-angles so that we see every move Elvis does on stage compared to the fade-away static shots from before.Infact i found the Alternate rehearsel-show less interesting this time then the official(jan 14 th) Satellite broadcast wich is with all those extra camera-angles really worth watching over and over again.( so no the preview-clips were not a good indicator how the Aloha deluxe-box was)Elvis looks in this deluxe set-version fantastic and the show looks like it was done yesterday.Crisp,clean and as modern as it comes.Britney,Kane,Curbain eat your heart out!
So this Deluxe-set of Aloha is worth the buy and therefore compared to the '68 Comeback 4 stars!
elvishimselvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 14, 2004report abuse
I agree with TonyP and Jim Simple. It seems this Promo Clip was put together very quickly and they just used parts of the DVDs. Maybe not the best chosen parts.
TonyP (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 14, 2004report abuse
I question the sense of using the clip of Elvis singing Heartbreak Hotel at the 8pm sit-down show in the promo. Elvis says afterwards 'man that's the worse job I've ever done on a song' and frankly he's right. He is hoarse and struggles for the higher notes. His voice soon warms up as the show gets cooking, although I still prefer the 6pm show overall. Just can't understand why anyone in their right mind would select just about the worst vocal performance of the entire 68 special footage as a way of promoting the set. The Aloha footage looked great, with some notable differences. I can't wait for both releases, but hope to hell that they improve the way they are promoted.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 14, 2004report abuse
I'm sure these DVDs will be excellent when we view them in full, however, Tower Records was a 4 minute promotional tool, and it won't win many new fans to Elvis music. For the benefit of promotion, I would have used 4 minutes of unseen camera angle and other footage. To the non hardcore Elvis fan, you were probably left thinking ''well ive seen all this a hundred times before''. PS - I'm soley referring to Aloha. PPS - Still no promotional campaign whatsoever in the UK, shocking really.
elvishimselvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 14, 2004report abuse
I dont believe the short Promo clips were put together very nice. Maybe its just me. I still cant wait for these DVDs and will get them the first day they come out. I would love to see the 68 Comeback special done someday with completely new music background. Just leave Elvis voice which sounds awesome and perfect and replace all the orchestra with new better sounding orchestra with all the instruments recorded separately as we do today. and put in a new guitar but leave Elvis guitar playing intact. and put new drums. The drums in the 68 comeback just sound poor and not powerful and clear. Its just the way it was recorded back then. Would anyone else like to see this done. I dont believe the sound in the Aloha special can be inproved anymore. It was already recorded in High Tech recording and sounds just like a recorded concert from Today. But the 68 Show could have the background sound removed and replaced. I dont think they could do this for the sit down show or even should do this for them. They are with Elvis original band. But the stand Up shows maybe one of them should have this done. Elvis would sound awesome on the stage with modern sounding instruments. Im not saying to remix the songs.. although that would be cool to me.
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 13, 2004report abuse
i've seen the trailers and can't wait for the dvd's. only thing i don't like was the editing on american trilogy - just as Elvis was about to hit the big note at the end i was expecting to see his face stretching and sweating to the challenge but all we got was a view over ronny tutts shoulder of Elvis' back and then the shot of his face! baaaaad editing guys, lets hope the rest of the dvd is better.
JC´ (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 13, 2004report abuse
The most important thing is not the angles is the takes when finish the Show and the arrive to Hawaii.The trailer is a joke!! ja,ja.
GM (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 13, 2004report abuse
Perhaps expectations have been raised too high for this release of the Aloha. I think what must be remebered is that EPE only had so much material to work with, there are limits to how 'new' the set can be. Let's not lose sight of the fact that at the very least we can replace our existing DVD's with this set and this time get every song included. That in itself to me justifies the cost. A few changes of camera angles is a bonus, new sound is a bonus. One question though, when looking at the editorial review on Amazon.dom I noticed an odd thing in the listings, and I quote "21. A Big Hunk O' Love; A Big Hunk O' Love - music element (with copyright)" and further down;
Blue Hawaii; Blue Hawaii - music element (with copyright) 49. Ku-U-I-Po - Take 1; Ku-U-I-Po - Take 1 - music element (with copyright) 50. Ku-U-I-Po - Take 2; Ku-U-I-Po - Take 2 - music element (with copyright) 51. Ku-U-I-Po - Take 3 52. No More - Attempted Take 53. No More - Take 1 54. No More - Take 2; No More - Take 2 - music element (with copyright) 55. Hawaiian Wedding Song etc etc."
Why are some songs listed twice and the second element listed as a "music element" ? Soes anyone know ?
I checked the preview of the aloha on the Tower site and the clip they showed of "Big hunk of Love" and it seemed normal...any ideas?
elvishimselvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 13, 2004report abuse
Well now I have seen a small part. but its really hard to see the difference in quality when I can only see it on my realplayer on my computer. I need to listen and watch it on a dvd player. It was cool to see the different camera angles. it appeared in Burning love that they were almost the same in the beggining. but then I saw the different angles. Im very interested to see how the show begins. What angle does it have in the very beggining of See See Rider. But to be honest. I dont see how the sound can be improved. I thought the sound was already remasted like 5 or 6 years ago. and the sound sounds awesome on my old Aloha DVD. the one they says has newly remastered sound and picture. what will they do to the sound to improve it from that dvd.
macuser (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 13, 2004report abuse
@ElvisDJ: Thank you for your explanation. Are we all going to ride on the wave of artificial excitement when infact it is just a refurbished show and not really'different' compared what they did to the That's the way it is SE and '68 Comeback?
Good..any 'suspicous or say consicious comments are always good to have around cause that too is an opinion instead of having all of the same.
mrstats (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 13, 2004report abuse
I've seen both trailers. The 68 Special is the one I am looking forward to (I have already ordered it). This is Elvis at his finest.
Joe Car (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 12, 2004report abuse
Just seen the Aloha trailer and even in that three minutes there were a couple of differences, most notably SteamRoller Blues, that new angle is awesome.
Ja1358 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 12, 2004report abuse
I have just seen the preview of aloha from hawaii and i was truly amazed as to how much better it looked and how great the sound was on american trilogy.i can't wait for this to come out.i recomend this dvd and the 1968 dvd to all my fellow Elvis fans.
elvissessions (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 12, 2004report abuse
Are we really giving negative and suspicious reviews of this project because of a short compilation clip posted on a third-party Web site? Unbelievable.
ElvisDJ (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 11, 2004report abuse
Jim - In regards to missing songs, the Tower listing is INCORRECT. That wording is from the old DVD release of Aloha and not the new one. I can confirm for you with 100% certainty that all songa are included. All but Johnny B. Goode were 100% confirmed for inclusion af of January 2004, and Johnny B. Goode has since been resolved, so they will all be on there.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 11, 2004report abuse
Hey I've just noticed on the tracklisting provided by Tower Records, that 3 of the songs are missing on the Aloha Show. ''Johnny B Goode, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, I Cant Stop Loving You''. I thought these publishing issues had been resolved ?!? I'll be well pi**ed off if they are missing !!!
ElvisDJ (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 11, 2004report abuse
macuser - in response to your comments, let me try and clarify what the new Aloha is and isn't. Is it almost completely new, where the majority of songs have entirely new camera angles throughout like That's the Way It Is Special Edition? No, of course not. TTWII had much more material to use than Aloha does. Overall, there were three raw edits that were combined into the final show. Thus, at its simplest, for each song in Aloha there are potentially three different camera shot choices. I say "potentially" as just because there were thee cameras available does not mean each camera was poitned at Elvis throughout the duration of an entire song. One camera may have panned into the audience, one might have done a wide shot, one might have been trying to focus, etc. Thus, overall, the useful material for Aloha is much, much less than the material for TTWII. Thus, to try and compare the two products isn't really fair. It's like comparing apples and oranges.
That being said, the best way to describe the new Aloha is that it's far more "Elvis centered" that the previous one. What that means is that if, for instance, there was a choice of a long shot or a close up of Elvis, the close up was used, etc. Is it the same old Aloha you're used to? No, it isn't.
I can only speak for myself, of course, but I was not expecting a huge difference when I viewed the new Aloha version. After all, how much could be done with it given the lack of footage? Well, I must say I wasp leasantly surprised. Aside from the improvements in picture and sound, there is a notable change in the pacing of the show. When I first saw Aloha I thought it was good, but a bit slow, and not just due to the Hawaiian interruptions. When I would watch it I would often fast forward to my favorite bits and rarely watched the entire show from start to finish. With the new verion, however, watching from start to finish is a joy. Many have said that Aloha was Elvis' crowning achievement, but I was in the minority who thought that, while it's a great and monumental event, there were better Elvis concerts. This new Aloha goes a long way towards showcasing a dynamic Elvis performance.
Can you expect all sorts of unusual camera shots where a song or section looks entirely different? No, simply because that footage does not exist. Are there lots of interesting little surprises? Yes. I can think of a few off hand. First, during Trilogy (as I mentioned in my previous reply here) therei s a great new camera shot that gives new meaning to the song. Second, when Elvis ends the show and gets down on one knee, we are all familiar with the shot of him putting his hands in the air. It's shot from Elvis' right. Well, now it's seen from Elvis' left...a huge, obvious change? No, not to the casual viewer, but to an Elvis fan it's quite different. Those are the types of changes that are throughout the new Aloha.
Overall, it's hard to explain the change without seeing it. To this fan, who is not a huge Aloha fan, it was a remarkable improvement - one that made me really reassess my views on the concert. Will it be the same for everyone? I don't know. My advice would be to keep in mind how much material was available to be included and just how much (or how little) could be changed given the nature of the show and then just sit back, relax, and enjoy it...
macuser (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 11, 2004report abuse
Ok, folks: Comparing the excerpts of the new to be released DVD's with the review Rogier Luyken wrote a little bit earlier(about those same DVD's) i wonder if his review was not too biased and overhyped when it comes to *how great and newly improved* the whole refurbished Aloha from Hawaii DVD was. Those segments didn't convince me this *Aloha * DVD is that newly improved as for example the That's the Way it is SE DVD was.I just saw the(old) official *Aloha from Hawai*i show i have here already on VHS tape from a few years back. Hell... even the Alternate Aloha from Hawaii DVD looked better then what i saw here.The sound better and remastered? Hmm.... fine but that doesn't make it worth a review wich says that it is f a a a a a n t a s t i c and must see/have!!!!! DVD.I call that hyping and misleading and we as fans don't need that when it isn't so. So when all is said and done,i just hope that those who bought and seen the whole DVD can put up a neutral review wich doesn't hype but just gives up the truth when it comes how good this DVD-set really is.Thusfar the 68 Comeback special looks like the only wich is really refurbished and remastered like they did with the That's the Way it is SE DVD.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 11, 2004report abuse
I didn't see any different camera angles on the Aloha show during this trailer; is it going to be a disappointment ? I hope not.
ElvisDJ (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 11, 2004report abuse
As an update, having now viewed the trailers from Tower's site, it's completely true that the Aloha trailer looks exactly like the old Aloha...I didn't see any new camera angles, but I can arrue everyone that this trailer is not at all representative of how the footage is now put's very different. It's too bad the the trailer doesn't showcase a little of this, but what can you do?
ElvisDJ (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 11, 2004report abuse
Regarding the changes to Aloha - having seen the entire new concert I can tell you that there are many different camera angles that are used. During Burning Love, however, these changes are limited as the montage screen was not able to be entirely removed. Of course, durign a preview it's hard to see all of the changes that were made, but I can tell you that, as some others have stated, the pacing of the show is entirely seems much faster to me. I always thought the Aloha was a bit slow and this new version corrects that. Speaking specifically of An American Trilogy, there is one excellent change to the song that I can recall. We all know the scene where Elvis is waiting for the horns to finish playing before he finishes the song. It's a side view, and you can see Elvis shouting something to the band before he turns to finish the song. Well, in the new version, the side view where Elvis shouts has been replaced by a very close up, full frontal view of Elvis' face - it literally made everyone in the audience of the most momorable parts of the show. Keep in mind, of course, that camera angles were limited to a choice of three at most and that is only if each of the three cameras were pointed at Elvis at the same time. Sometimes they were not focusing, or were on the audience, etc. Overall, though, it's quite different and well worth the wait!
Marco Aurelio (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 11, 2004report abuse
The 68 Comeback Special is absolutely great with different footage, sound and picture. As Jim wrote in the first reaction, the Aloha sound is brilliant, but it´s almost the same Burning Love, An American Trilogy scenes. The only difference I could see was in the chorus of Burning Love. Let´s wait and see!
TCB fan (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 11, 2004report abuse
You are right Jim, I didn't see much difference too. None!!
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 11, 2004report abuse
Only checked out Aloha and the sound is absolutely brilliant. Didn't see much difference in the camera anges in that short compilation though.

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