Closing Graceland?!

Every few months, somewhere in the world a rumor starts that Lisa Presley is planning to sell or move into or close Graceland. Absolutely not true. These rumors are usually generated by a tabloid story. It appears that another such wave of rumors is brewing. To help head off the resultant wave of e-mails sure to come, it's time for one of our periodic "rumor buster" efforts on this topic. Closing Graceland has never been considered or discussed, nor are there any plans for her to reside at Graceland. Lisa is our owner and chairman of the board, very closely involved in all we do. Our plans with her for having Graceland open to the public and our doing more and more Elvis projects reach far into the future. There's no reason to think Graceland would ever close or be sold. No one is more excited about the future of Graceland/EPE than Lisa.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jun 25, 2001 
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