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A sold out crowd rocked FedExForum Thursday night in honor of the King of Rock and Roll, 30 years to the day after he died. Elvis Presley died in 1977 but his spirit was "in the building" for the 30th anniversary concert. Old Elvis, perpetually young thanks to new technology, a new band and a new live show. For an enthousiast crowd of 17.000 fans Lisa Marie performed the "In The Ghetto' duet with her father at the 30th anniversary concert. You can watch a small preview from the concert at WMC TC Here is Lisa Marie performing "In The Ghetto".
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King Tutt (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 21, 2007report abuse
I flew all the way from England to see this show because I am a real fan. it probably cost me $3000 for my 3 day trip! I've seen the show 5 times, the 30th being the best. The last 3 in the united kingdom being sell outs but not as enthusiastic and my first in Pheonix which was poor, the attendance that is. I did hear during elvis week that the last vegas show was also poorly attended. Foe some reason the fans in the USA just do not support this video concert howevr when it comes to Europe this show is a complete sell out at $60 a seat. It is a shame that it's comimng to an end so prematurely.
Cher (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 21, 2007report abuse
I sure wish I could have been there. Even in the heat. I thought this is very well done and in true fashion of an Elvis show. I think he must be immensely proud of everyone involved.
colnago (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2007report abuse
That was superb.Well done everyone.Elvis would be very proud of his daughter.
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2007report abuse
Above should read.. "They should bring the show to Vegas"..
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2007report abuse
Big Thanks for posting the Concert footage!! The Lisa & Elvis duet, is even more exciting, when seeing it on stage (that "Live" Chorus ending is great!!) Hey ,anyone know where we can see the opening of the show? That would be the helicopter sequence. I hear that was amazing! I've gone to every "big Event" in Memphis and unfortunately, couldn't go this year. And I'm hoping, little by little, to see some of the footage, from "Elvis-30th Anniversary concert" on the internet. I think EPE and Co are making a "huge mistake" by making this the last "Big Production " of the video-Live concert. It draws lots of Fans, and a "big highlight" of Elvis week. If anything, they should the show to Vegas, a few times, a year. It would do great there!!!

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