Clinton: Elvis' Soulmate?

Bill Clinton is trying to ride on the coattails of Elvis Presley. With opening day less than two years away, officials at the Clinton Presidential Library Foundation are putting up so-called "Bill" boards along major highways leading to Little Rock, Ark., as well as in Memphis, Tenn., where foundation director Skip Rutherford is involved in partnership talks with Graceland, The Hill newspaper reports. Rutherford's theory is that anyone interested in touring The King's mansion will want to drive 140 miles south to learn more about Clinton because "Elvis was the president's musical hero," he explains. The Clinton Library plans to stage a special preview exhibit of Clinton's collection of Presley records, scheduled for later this year at Little Rock's Cox Creative Center. "He had records, memorabilia, all kinds of things," Rutherford says. "Clinton was 'Elvis.' That's what the press nicknamed him. I think there's a natural linkage."
Source: Yahoo News / Updated: May 24, 2003 
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