Clinton And Elvis

Beginning Saturday, visitors at the Clinton Presidential Library will get to see a reproduction of parts of a White House music room built for Clinton, samples from his eclectic CD collection and video of him playing in the Arkansas All-State Band as a teenager. Kaki Hockersmith of Little Rock, who redesigned the Oval Office for Clinton, put together the White House music room as a surprise Christmas present from wife Hillary. The design tied in the neoclassical White House architecture with a charcoal leather music studio look that Hockersmith called "real jazzy and masculine." A whole wall is dedicated to Clinton's childhood idol, Elvis Presley, and includes stamps from the African nation of Chad depicting an imaginary jam session featuring Elvis and a saxophone-toting Clinton.
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Eduardo (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2005report abuse
Reply to Peter, Hendryk, Ernst, Sean, Jan Lindes, Rex a.o. First-You do not want to get ripped of right ? Then don't buy the book Elvis by the Beaulieus. It does not bring you any info or serious info on the King-a total rip off. Now if you do insist and want to hear 400 snippets of all the songs you have in your collection, then YES do buy it The photos in the book are worthless, except for 1 or 2 only
Second- What brings the Sillerman-Lisa-EPE deal extra to us, the 50,000,000 elvis fans that have been investing for 50 years and buying elvis records ??? Let's be honest, we want more qulaity product, i.e. CDs with unrelased interesting material, DVDs with unreleased elvis concerts of 72, we want new but intersting FTD OuttakesCDs of GGGirls, Roust, KCreole, ChOfHab,"not" Tickle Me.
Third - we want to hear those GuitarMan, LLetters/Now/GTimes/Fool studio outtake sessions and also the Country session. Not urgent or necessary are the RonRock session.
Four- We need those ElvisOnTour72 DVDs (6 or 12volumes) of Elvis' Concerts (200 hrs of MGM filming in Buffalo, Virginia, Greensboro, Albuq etc etc in 1972...only to be distibuted by fan clubs thruout the world, not for the general public (we don't care if MGM only filmed with 1 or with 5 cameras. all we need is to see our King in action in great 1972 concerts. Afterwards, when we, the 50KK fans have decided it is a valuable good product with qualaity, then CKXE-Sillerman-EPE have to negotiate a contract with MGM-Turner-Warner for a general public release. BUT, cutting out all the interview crap and stupidity (also 1956 appearances that were in the original Elvis on Tour MGM movie). Elvis fans: let us hear your comments and valuable, indeed very valuable suggestions or write to Mr Ferell at CKXE company in NY NY or BMG Co. on Broadway 1450 NYNY Remember: elvisNEVERleftthebuilding
MauriceColgan (profilecontact) wrote on May 30, 2005report abuse
Elvis is mentioned on page 36 of Bill Clinton's "My Life" book. His favourite Elvis movie is "Love Me Tender". Last year in Ireland Bill Clinton accepted a postcard of the "Elvis at 13" life-sized bronze statue from yours truly and he said,"That's neat...thank you!". Elvis fan Bill Clinton was here in Irelandtoo again last week to help the Rehab Foundation Charity raise funds. A huge sum was collected from the business community.
Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on May 28, 2005report abuse
A lot of folk didn't know that Clinton was a fan..I did,& Bill playes one of my fav instruments.... the Sax.Well done Bill.

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