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Released earlier this year is the movie and CD package "Classic Movies And Songs". It contains the three movies "Clambake", "Kid Galahad" and "Frankie & Johnny" combined into one package with the "Movie" CD from BMG's "Genre" series.

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circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 31, 2007report abuse
These are avilable so cheaply seperately. i'm a fan of the movies but lets have the original VHS version of the 68 Tv special released on DVD instead please.
Elvisnites (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 30, 2007report abuse
They package and repackage and repackage, but they won't give us what we want. Also, they have to have movie outtakes. I'd love to see them on the market. But that would cost them money to do. I do like this idea however and would probably buy if I didn't have them already.
elvis_aotc (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 30, 2007report abuse
Don't we have this allready on DOUBLE FEATURES CD'S ? Only these three movies are on three different DOUBLE FEATURES CD'S. Can I give me up to work at BMG/ Sony ???

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