Christmas Peace Released In The Netherlands

The "Christmas Peace" CD was released this Saturday in The Netherlands. On the FECC message board we found the first review, the buyer was not too happy with the DSD mixing. We summarized his posting: On the Christmas CD (1) Elvis' voice seems to be very up-front. On the Peace CD (2) the mixing should sound better but here too, Elvis is very up-front. The best sound you'll get on "Crying In The Chapel", I think they used the 30 # 1 hits version here, because the song stands out on this CD sound wise. The last song is: If That Isn't Love, this seems to have a lot of echo on it.
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Neckywoudje (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 3, 2003report abuse
I think the mix is good, very good! His voice is upfront indeed, but also the choirs are sounding very clear. really good! This is a must have. It's a shame that they used the original mix for "If That Isn't Love", they have a better mix used for then "Promised Land" upgraded version.
Tupelo (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 3, 2003report abuse
Went looking today for the Cd, went to two big warehouses, 2 cd-stores from big chains and a couple of specialised stores, and found 1 copy. And I really had to find it, no big display or anything like that. I wanted to by a few copies for friends and relatives for the upcoming holidayseason. It is nice looking cd, fine sound quality, I can't wait to hear on my headphones. So if you can find one, buy it!!

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