Christmas Peace Details

Here are some more details on the design of the Christmas Peace 2 CD set which will be released this November. Click on the shoplink for the complete tracklisting.
Source: QVC / Updated: Oct 18, 2003 

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gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2003report abuse
This one is unique in that in includes the Gospel greats of Elvis, and the the new sound quality and updated technology, so if BMG promotes this heavy it will be a big seller...
roustabout (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2003report abuse
the reason BMG puts out so many X-mas collections is because they sell. i plan on purchasing at least 6 as gifts- and one for myself, of course!
corey3rd (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 22, 2003report abuse
Isn't this the 10th Christmas album that RCA/BMG has compiled? Was there really a "problem" with "If Every Day Was Like Christmas?" Didn't that comp. have every Christmas song? I thought they were trying to streamline the collection - and now it looks like they are creating another redundancy. I guess they are counting on the "must have" hardcore fans, folks who are just getting into Elvis and people who can't remember if they have this record or not. Just wish they'd put out the complete Memphis '74 concert.
Pharamond (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 21, 2003report abuse
To Lawman, that is just what i mean. a lot of releases but no sales to get in the charts . I want one release for the non fan and the fans a year, with good promotion , the full treatment,and sales will be better then bringing out 20 a year + we will see Elvis in the charts. I am not against putting out stuff i already own because like a lot of fans i am happy with the better quality and i buy 30 N° 1 hits and 2nd to none like most other fans, i do'nt care that i have them at least 4 or 5 times.
I do not buy the 20 releases that came out since the year 2000 and i do not buy every CD that came out on FTD( you can only buy those, and i think it is the same everywhere , via the fan clubs) , so that is OK because a lot of people would not like them they are afther all only outtakes from a recording session and a lot of people that are not fans would not understand that.However they are great for fans so that's fine.So FTD is not for the mass market strictly for fans, as it should be.
But creating awareness for Elvis music does not mean bringing out things we already have, we know A.L.L.C and Rubbernecking that is wright but they are to me new releases because they sound new and fresh and young people like things that way, i do not believe they would have been hit records otherwise.
So BMG can still surprise me and get the younger generation to listen to Elvis as he was during his life.
I believe they can pull off a lot of tricks like that with the right timing and mass promotion, you have to hear the record on the radio and see the clip on TV otherwise you do' nt know how things are done these days because T.T.W.I.I.
Do you think Kylie or Gates or anny other singer could make a hit 2or 3 times if they are not on TV or radio?
But if they do'nt do that we will not get single releases afther a short while and CD's will not get in the charts, and we are back to what we had before, and i, and i believe every fan would like to see Elvis in the charts now and then.I am a true believer that it can be done, but not with 20 Cd's in 4 years.
Lawman (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 20, 2003report abuse
Hi Pharamound, First off, I respect your opinion, but I find something illogical in your arguments. Yes, there have been many Elvis CD's released in the last couple of years, but how many of them did actually chart? How many did actually sell in enough numbers to make it worthwhile for RCA/BMG? On the one hand you object to another mass market release and want more releases that make it worthwhile for you as a fan. On the other hand, you wish to increase the public awareness of Elvis music. No problem with that, absolutely fine. Following your line of thinking (as I interpret it), the thing I don't comprehend is this:
1) creating awareness for Elvis' music means releasing stuff that you already own;
2) if they release something worthwhile for the fans (like on FTD), it won't sell on the mass market.
My personal opinion is that RCA/BMG can't pull off the ALLC/Rubberneckin' trick once more.
Pharamond (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 20, 2003report abuse
I live in Belgium, so sorry for the mistakes in my wrighting. I have no time to take a dictionary in English.
I just want to say this,and this is for Belgium i do'nt know what BMG released in other county's the last years beginning from the year 2000. Since January 2000 we had in Belgium 21 CD releases from those 21 there are 12 CD box sets with 2 up to 4 Cd's . I am not counting the upgrated Cd's like promised land and so on. We also had for the fans the FTD releases and i counted 20 since january 2000.
I dit not count alternative Cd's and singels No books , films or DVD or Video Do you know a living female or male singer that has so many CD's out in 4 years and yes we are talking about a man that is dead for 26 years, there is no new material. That is not the way to make hits. I am glad with the remixes they give it a new sound and thats needed because otherwise younger people will not buy it, with these remixes there is intrest for older work like 30 n°1 and 2nd to none, but i say it once more to BMG stop the mass output for the general CD buyer. Doing so you do'nt give Elvis a chance in the charts. And learn how to promote something in a modern days style.
Antjie (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 20, 2003report abuse
What I want to know: Is Gospel Peace also remastered with new DSD technology like 2nd to None, so it will have better sound quality?
Lawman (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 19, 2003report abuse
2nd to none is creating attention for Elvis. This means that the Christmas CD is likely to get more attention, because Rubberneckin'/2nd to none is still in the collective memory of the general public. As Elvis isn't creating any new music, it all has to do with sustaining the momentum. 2nd to none is more aimed at the younger generation, while the Christmas CD will be for the grown-ups. So when mommy and daddy do their Christmas shopping, they might pick up 2nd to none for the kid(s) and the Christmas CD for themselves. If you look at it from a marketing point of view, it makes sense.
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2003report abuse
I think this is being released a little to close to the '2nd to none album, but I don't know how much it will hurt 2nd to none.. It was Elvis's concerts, and greatest hits that made me a huge fan, but it was his Gospel that made me an eternal fan.. How that relates to the casual fan or the buyers choice for the holiday buying spree, I don't know, but I say, hell, buy a few of both and give them as presents...
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2003report abuse
There are many people crazy about Elvis' Gospels, a lot of people will probably never buy "just a collection", like "2nd To None", but they may fall for a X-mas/Gospel album. I highly doubt that it will take away many sales from 2nd.
Pharamond (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2003report abuse
People who buy this wont buy 2nd to none at the end of the year. And you are right the cover is nice, so a lot of fans buy it only for that. But the question was, is there a need for yet another Christmas CD box? I think not. Let's take one CD at a time and make the most of it, that's the way to get big sellers, not by splitting things up in 50 differend Christmas CD's. And as i told you before , we have 2nd to none.
Lawman (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2003report abuse
I'm not sure I agree. It's obviously not targeted at the fans but for the mass market. I must admit that I very much like the cover. Very appropriate for the Christmas season.
Pharamond (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2003report abuse
Christmas Peace,N°.. in a long line of Christmas CD's i stopt counting and buying,we do'nt need this, 2nd to none is the CD to buy for familly and friends at the end of the year. Close up, how many copies sold? Can someone tell me?Should have been a FTD release for only fans buy it.

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