CDR Midnight Special

We mention this CDR since not too much of the August 1973 engagement has been released. The 'Midnight Special' is the third release from the Union Records label, and like their last two outings Getting Down To Business and High Spirits In Las Vegas, they give us a complete concert from August 19 1973 Midnight Show, as well as an incomplete concert from August 11 1973 Midnight Show. The concerts were recorded with two mikes from the mixing desk, but unfortunately they run a little fast like Union’s other two releases. The shows themselves are average August 1973 shows, and Elvis is in great voice and in good humour. But there’s nothing really special or outstanding in either of these shows. Elvis did very short shows in August 1973, and we get nearly two complete shows here and the running time of the CD is still only 65 minutes.
Source: ECG / Updated: Aug 4, 2002 
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