Case Dropped By "Half Sister"

A woman seeking to be declared the daughter of Vernon Presley -- and the half-sister of Elvis -- on Monday voluntarily dropped her effort in Probate Court to be named as an heir to the father's estate.
But Eliza Presley, 46, a divorced mother of four from Washington state, more than likely will plead her case in another court.
"The issues are still alive and well," said attorney Kathleen Caldwell, adding that Monday's dismissal was a procedural move. "It's not over by a long shot."
Eliza Presley, who changed her name this summer from Alice Elizabeth Tiffin, initially filed the claim in October, saying DNA from a still-living Elvis Presley showed her to be a relative.
Her mother, former Memphian Florence Sharp Clark of Oregon, said she was part of the Elvis social circle for a period, but that she had no child by Vernon and that the father is another Memphis man.
Clark also has suggested that her daughter has undergone plastic surgery in an effort to bolster her claim of kinship.
Eliza Presley insisted Monday that she can support her claim and said her mother is not to be believed. "I would love to have these thousands of dollars I've allegedly spent," she said. "I have never had plastic surgery of any kind."
Attorney William Bradley Jr., who represents EPE and Lisa Marie Presley Lockwood, said her case has no merit and that over the years there have been a dozen or more people claiming kinship to Elvis, including several Elvis Jrs.
Vernon Presley died June 26, 1979, at age 63.

Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Dec 16, 2008 
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She may also be a Kissin' cousin to a ripe pineapple, so who really cares.
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