Calendar Mania

Several new calendars for 2015 are out, with from left to right the following ISBN: 1423826175, 1423826388 and 1423826248.

Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Updated: Jun 17, 2014 
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snowplow floater (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 19, 2014report abuse
Where is Dgurl when you need her. I burnt thirty years worth of Elvis calendars on New Years Day but kept the Alfred Weltheimer '56' shots.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 19, 2014report abuse
I think I will buy all three...
Cruiser621 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 18, 2014report abuse
Wow!!!! Original artwork? Well what do you expect for God sakes? You have to work with what was left here on planet earth and either crop, enlarge or reduce or reposition said artwork aka photos. No big deal.
Boxcar (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 18, 2014report abuse
Amazing. I've never seen these pictures before. The one on the right would make a good record cover. Thanks calender manufacturers for your hard work.

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