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From the British isles we received the latest editions of the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club Magazine and the Essential Elvis Magazine.

This first magazine holds articles written by it's readers on various subjects; links between Elvis and a 200 year old poet, Elvis as a artistic humanitarian, Ernst Jorgenson on TCB, an interview with Jerry Schilling and more.
The second Elvis Mag from the UK brings an interview with Darlene Tompkins who co-starred in "Blue Hawaii", Echoes of Love on "answer" songs, interview with Sam Thompson, a pictorial "Loud And Proud" on Elvis evening show from October 4, 1974 in Indianapolis. An interview with Loanne Parker (the wive of the Big Boss Man) and an interview with John Leyton.

For more details on the fan clubs, their magazines or subscriptions, go to our magazine section.
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emjel (profilecontact) wrote on May 27, 2008report abuse
Looking at the covers of the 2 mags, I prefer the one on the right. Good picture not spolit with loads of text. Contents wise, the one on the left wins hands down - and I'm a subscriber anyway. But Essential Elvis always has greta pics on their covers - they are as mentioned spoilt by all that text. If you're reading this Andrew....

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