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Last week E.I.N. announced some exclusive news. Yesterday they had the news on-line and it turned to be about on two 78 Records containing a live recording from the early 50's, claiming it might even be Elvis' first recorded live appearance at the Louisiana Hayride. On the E.I.N. website the story behind the recordings was added. The whole story sounds a bit unbelievable: one might indeed need to drive a truck to be able to carry a tape recorder in the 50's, while Elvis wearing an orange jumpsuit in the fifties ... (in that case his taste improved over the years at least). Several insiders from the "Elvis-world" contacted us about it. According to them it is probably a recording in very poor quality, containing "Hearts of Stone", "Tweedle Dee", "Money Honey", "Blue Moon Of Kentucky", "I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine" and "That's All Right, Mama". If our information is correct the owners tried to sell the recording to BMG before. According to Paul Dowling Ernst Jorgensen played parts of this recording to him in 1992 and the quality was "awful". Although from an historical point of view we hope these recordings will be released some day, but if someone is trying to cash in on these recordings we have little hope we'll hear these recordings ever.
Updated: May 21, 2002 
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