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On December 26th. a book on Elvis' still born twin brother Jesse Garon Presley will be published by PublishAmerica. The title is "Elvis Presley's Twin, Jesse Garon: The Records Show He Died. But Did He?" The book is written in the English language, it contains 404 pages and the ISBN number in 1413737153.
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lynnslaws (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 1, 2005report abuse
I was only 4 years old when Elvis died. Regardless, I am an avid reader and a huge fan from the new generation. I have actually read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was totally entertaining and refreshing compared to the mundane repetitiousness of all the other Elvis books out there. I can’t understand why anyone would be offended by this story, let alone say Elvis would be. It truly irks me when people pass judgment without knowledge of that of which they speak. I feel sorry for people with closed minds. In reference to the critique and comments on the EPE, I have one question… Have any of you actually taken the time to read the book? I more than doubt it!
alan57 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 13, 2004report abuse
how can anyone write a book on elvis's twin brother who had been born stillborn? he had not even lived a day and yet we find that they are writing a book about him,it beggars belief that anyone can stoop so low to print garbage like this,my opinion,don't waste your time even buying this book,the puplishers should be ashamed of themselves for printing sh*** like this,or did they just see the name elvis presley and think dollars?,give us accurate,informative details of our man elvis and then we might just buy it, what next i wonder???
pareto (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 12, 2004report abuse
ok, elvis was adopted, but also had a twin brother, oh no he didn't have one although the record shows, blabla
even if all this is true, WHO CARES? bring us books with facts, anectodes, unpublished photos not crap like that
lighthouse (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 11, 2004
Invisible because there were too many capitals in the text
loftmanuk (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 11, 2004report abuse
On the other hand in June 2005 a book comes out called, " Take them for all you can". This book says Elvis didn't have a twin, it was made up by the mid-wife so she could charge extra for the delivery. This book is 580 pages long and is written by foreign author R.U.Bbish. This is to be followed up by a book in November which claims that Vernon and Gladys were not married and Elvis was adopted. This book is to be published by Cashtill books and is written by Ivor Pain.
Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 11, 2004report abuse
Why would anyone want to buy this! It is yet another tragedy in Elvis' life.
pareto (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 11, 2004report abuse
Amazing how someone can fill 404 pages about that, bit of a dangerous fashion the one who questions everything and everyone.So let me do the same: Someone pretends having written a book about Jesse Garon: The Records and the ISBN number show it. But did they really?
TCBforever (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 11, 2004report abuse
sick! for sure do not buy this trash.

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