Book By Marc Hendrickx Postponed

The Dutch "Elvis Bible" “Mens Muziek Mythe” by Marc Hendrickx (written in Dutch) is postponed. The book was scheduled for release later this month, but the publishing company put the plans on hold until July. The reason is that the publishing company is working on a box set edition for the Dutch release with 3 to 5 documentary DVDs. According to our information, the Belgian release is set for mid July, while the Dutch version comes with a box and 3 to 5 DVD's. The author, Marc Hendrickx, was ready to present the book in a few days time, but that plan is cancelled.
Source: Various / Updated: Jun 1, 2007 
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wayup (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2007report abuse
I have one serious question... are you here, Marc? I like your book, it can be called essential and great work indeed, but... WHY, WHY, WHY so many language versions... Dutch, German, French etc.... and no English? Just ONE ENGLISH VERSION will be far better than all this! What will be next? Chinese version? Arabian? Esperanto? Braille ???
PaulFromFrance (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2007report abuse
I own the French version. All I can say to our Belgian and Dutch friends: BUY IT ! This is, by far, the best book ever written about our guy.

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