BMG Announces Multiple CD, DVD And Single Releases

BMG UK And IRELAND announces multiple CD, DVD and single releases to commemorate historic "50th Anniversary Of Rock And Roll, July 5TH, 1954-2004". The new releases include a vinyl single for "That's All Right", a limited edition 2 CD set of "Elvis 30 #1 Hits combined with "Elvis 2nd To None". Here are the press releases for the various releases: "Kings Of Rock'n'Roll" CD, "ELVIS at SUN" CD, "That's All Right" single, "Elvis: '68 Comeback Special: Deluxe Edition DVD" & "Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii: Deluxe Edition DVD" (London, England, Thursday May 20, 2004) - On July 5, 2004, rock n' roll will officially rack up its biggest birthday when music fans around the globe will join together to celebrate 50 Years of Rock'n'Roll. The anniversary signifies the day when Elvis recorded what is considered to be the very first rock'n'roll song, That's All Right (July 5, 1954). To commemorate this milestone event, BMG UK and Ireland will issue five special releases that embody the inherent spirit and history of rock. Releases include Kings Of Rock N' Roll and the signature ELVIS at SUN record, plus two comprehensive, deluxe Elvis Presley DVD box sets, ELVIS: '68 Comeback Special - Deluxe Edition DVD and ELVIS, Aloha From Hawaii: Deluxe Edition DVD. All titles will be released on July 5, 2004; and will coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Rock'n'Roll. On 5th July, 1954 Elvis Presley recorded That's All Right. It is the single event generally considered to be the birth of rock 'n' roll. As the defining moment in popular music's history, the importance of this single cannot be overstated - yet interestingly, things moved at such a pace at Sun that That's All Right was only ever released as a single in the US and has never actually been released in the UK as a single before - until now. On its golden anniversary, That's All Right is released as a 3-track CD b/w the original B-side, Blue Moon of Kentucky plus an alternate take of That's All Right from a subsequent Sun session. To celebrate 50 Years of Rock'n'Roll, BMG UK and Ireland are releasing two albums, Kings Of Rock N' Roll and ELVIS at SUN, as well as two vintage special edition TV specials with two rare DVDs, Elvis: '68 Comeback Special Deluxe Edition DVD, and Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii Deluxe Edition DVD, both of which collectively showcase over 5 hours of never-before-seen footage. Kings Of Rock N' Roll celebrates the original Sun recording sessions by Elvis, which many consider to be the original birthplace of rock'n'roll, and also coincides with Presley's first Sun Recording of the single That's All Right, plus songs from other quintessential rock'n'roll pioneers that include Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Cliff Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. Featuring over 28 tracks, this album encapsulates what the music buying public was listening to during the mid to late 1950's . "Elvis At SUN" That's All Right also features on the new BMG album release ELVIS at SUN, the definitive collection of Presley's work at this historic studio, recorded with the legendary producer Sam Phillips. ELVIS at SUN is the single-disc set charting the fledgling career of the boy who would be The King. It includes all 5 of Elvis's original Sun singles (A & B sides), plus rare alternate takes. It is beautifully packaged with rare Elvis photos, a track-by-track commentary by renowned Elvis expert, Ernst Mikael Jorgensen and an introduction by Sam Phillips' son, Knox. A limited edition LP vinyl is also available. "Rock 'n' roll has been the soundtrack for several generations of fans and through the years BMG Music has been one of its foremost archivists," said Executive Vice President of BMG Strategic Marketing Group, Joe DiMuro. "Now, we are proud to be able to continue the tradition and release these storied recordings for people to rediscover where it all began." Comeback And Aloha From Hawaii Deluxe DVD Sets In addition to the two CD releases, BMG UK and Ireland has partnered with Elvis Presley Enterprises to distribute two comprehensive deluxe DVD box sets chronicling two of Elvis Presley's most memorable television appearances. The DVDs ELVIS: '68 Comeback Special - Deluxe Edition DVD and ELVIS, Aloha from Hawaii - Deluxe Edition DVD features all the previously released material and an abundance of previously unreleased footage. The ELVIS: '68 Comeback Special - Deluxe Edition DVD is a three-disc set featuring all the material shot for Elvis Presley's 1968 television special, which is considered one of rock 'n' roll's greatest moments on television and one of the most magical and important moments of Elvis's career. The original broadcast version of the special is included for historical context. The DVD set features the two complete jam session concerts and the two complete solo concerts - all with Elvis in black leather - that were shot as the resource for the heart of the original broadcast. These four concerts have never been released in their entirety. Also included are all takes of the material shot for the original broadcast's two big production numbers and for the show's opening and closing segments. Over half of the seven hours of material on this set is previously unreleased. The material is presented with newly remastered sound and picture. ELVIS, Aloha from Hawaii - Deluxe Edition DVD is a two-disc set featuring all the performance material formally shot in conjunction with Elvis's Aloha from Hawaii television special - a historic concert event seen in more than 40 countries by 1.5 billion people when it initially aired in 1973. The original American broadcast version of the show is included for historical context. The DVD set features the complete concert that was adapted for that special and the complete rehearsal concert performed two days before. Both concerts are presented with newly remastered sound and picture and are being released in their complete, uncut form for the first time. Also included is the raw, uncut footage shot for the "Elvis arrives" sequence of the special's original opening and the raw, uncut performance footage of songs recorded for the after-show session that Elvis taped as a resource of extra material for the American broadcast. Kings Of Rock'n'Roll BMG celebrates the 50th anniversary of Rock'n'Roll with therelease of "Kings Of Rock'n'Roll" Featuring Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Cliff Richard, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, & Jerry Lee Lewis To coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Rock'n'Roll, BMG are proud to announce the July 5, 2004 album release of the Kings Of Rock'n' Roll album. This marks the very first time multiple recordings (24 tracks in total) by Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Cliff Richard, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis have compiled together on one album. Stylish, hip, and ultra cool, the collection of milestone rock'n'roll songs accurately captures the fever, adulation and pure hysteria surrounding the 'Kings Of Rock N' Roll' at the height of their fame. Now's your chance to get an exclusive backstage view as rock's greatest performers perform their magic, only to reaffirm their contribution to rock as the stuff legends are of. Kings Of Rock N' Roll will be the definitive collection of the stars that mattered. Six of the seven artists featured on the album are listed in the 'Guinness Book of Hit Singles Top 500 Acts of All Time' with Elvis and Cliff being numbers 1 and 2 respectively. What's more, Cliff Richard has personally selected his best rock 'n' roll songs for inclusion on the album. Kings of Rock N' Roll features nineteen Top 20 hits, including six No.1 hit singles. The album embodies the original roots of 1950's rock'n'roll music that revolutionised the music of youth culture and society. Without Elvis and Check Berry, there would be no Beatles or the Rollling Stones. U.K. Release Date: July 5 2004: That's A
Source: BMG UK / Updated: May 21, 2004 
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pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on May 24, 2004report abuse
before elvis there was nothing-no cliff richard,no beatles!..elvis the king,nobody else-simple as that!.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on May 23, 2004report abuse
I don't think i will be rushing out to get the Kings of rock n roll.Its an insult to the king
al shookup (profilecontact) wrote on May 22, 2004report abuse
How on earth Cliff Richard got in as a 'KING' of rock 'n' roll beats me .... at best he was only a very poor imitation of Elvis. They may just as well included Adam Faith, that's how daft it's got.
Dan (profilecontact) wrote on May 22, 2004
Invisible because there was a link/email included
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on May 22, 2004report abuse
There's only 1 king of Pop -- Mickey Mouse jackson
TCB Presley (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2004report abuse
Kings of Rock 'n' Roll? I thought there was only one king.
jean michel (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2004report abuse
great ! what about promotion ?

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