Billboard Elvis Presley 50th Anniversary Spotlight

Billboard salutes Elvis Presley and the 50th anniversary of rock & roll. In their September 18, 2004 special report containing: Introductory essay on Presley's ongoing cultural significance / Comprehensive overview of the campaign by Presley's record company to introduce his music to a new generation / Exclusive recap of every No. 1 single Presley recorded on the Billboard charts / Exclusive Q&A with Jack Soden, president of Elvis Presley Enterprises / A look back at the July 1954 Sun Studios recording session that launched Rock & Roll with comments from Presley's guitarist, Scotty Moore and Plus much more. You can pre order this 9/18/04 issue which will be available for shipping on 9/10/04. The cover shown is a mock up.
Source: Billboard / Updated: Aug 19, 2004 
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ep010835 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 21, 2004report abuse
Can anyone open the Billboard link?? I cannot and have also tried unsucesfully to find it on Maybe I'm just having bad computer karma today??

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