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Here are the Billboard chart updates for the week ending November 15, 2003: Billboard Top 200 Albums - Elvis 2nd to None - #28 Billboard Top 200 Albums - Elvis 30 #1's - #165 Billboard Top Country Albums - Elvis 30 #1's - #25 Billboard Top Pop Catalog Albums - It's Christmas Time - #20 Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales - Rubberneckin- #11 Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales - Rubberneckin- #1 Notice that: -E1 has not budged from #165 from last week. -Rubberneckin is still selling well relative to other singies after 8 weeks on the chart. -Rubberneckin is #1 for a 7th week on the Hot Dance Singles Sales chart, having only been bumped off for 1 week by the Rolling Stones 'Sympathy for the Devil' Remix. What is also notable is that for at least the last 6 or so weeks Rubberneckin has been #1 on this chart and Sympathy has been at #2. -E1 overtakes Aloha as 6th longest charting album with 53 weeks on the charts now. -Most surprising might be the 'Its Christmas Time' reentry on the 'Top Pop Catalog Album'. It peaked on this chart last Decemeber at #4 and has just re-entered this week.
Source: Elvis Charts / Updated: Nov 6, 2003 
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Andreas77 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 7, 2003report abuse
This is great news!! How many copies has 2nd sold now in the US? And what about on a global basis? 30#1 is probably getting close to 10 million now. I haven't bought Elvis Christmas Peace yet, but I probably will. And for one simple reason: Once you get used to the new remastered sound, you want all tracks to sound like that. Question to those of you who has picked up this cd: Is the remastering as good as 30#1 and 2nd to none? If so, should we expect all future releases from BMG to be remastered in that way? Suggestion: Listen to old version of If I Can Dream and compare it to the "new" one, what a difference! This new sound makes Elvis comparable to modern artists (sound - that is, otherwise they're not close. Of course). Let's hope for number three: Let yourself go from 68' comeback has to be on it, and a lot of 70's stuff. Bridge and Polk Salad at least... Also, a picture of Elvis from 69-73 on the front please. He looked relatively good during those years.

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