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Here are the Billboard chart updates for the week ending November 29, 2003: Billboard Top 200 Albums - Elvis 2nd to None - #58 Billboard Top 200 Albums - Elvis 30 #1's - #183 Billboard Comprehensive Albums- Elvis 2nd To None - #58 Billboard Comprehensive Albums- It's Christmas Time - #123 Billboard Top Country Albums - Elvis 30 #1's - #28 Billboard Top Country Albums - Christmas Peace - #43 Billboard Top Christian Albums - Christmas Peace - #23 Billboard Top Pop Catalog Albums - It's Christmas Time - #4 Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales - Rubberneckin- #14 Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales - Rubberneckin- #1
Source: Elvis Charts / Updated: Nov 21, 2003 
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Nashnet (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 23, 2003report abuse
To have Elvis in the Billboard Chart (10 entries) is fantastic!
Bill Rauhuff (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 22, 2003report abuse
Does any body out there know what the total sales for 2nd To None are. I know here in the United States it peaked at number 3 after the first week. I wish R.I.A.A would update the numbers for 30 #1s as well as Elvis totals. He is still showing 4th in total album sales behind Garth Brooks, Led Zeppellin, and The Beatles in that order. He is about to overtake Garth Brooks and Led Zeppellin. I still think he is probably really 1st but with the rules they use and RCA and his managements shoddy record-keeping it is not known what the true figures really are. We as fans should do all we can to be sure the powers to be get the numbers straightened out and corrected. Just a thought from a fan in Knoxville, Tennessee who has been a fan since 1960. I don"t want Elvis to ever get slighted.
Pharamond (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 21, 2003report abuse
It's Christmas Time N° 4 , so again why the release of Christmas Peace? It looks like RCA BMG is fishing in the same pool everytime. This also is bad for the sales figures of" 2nd to none " it is a great album and i like it more then the N°1 album but there is too much competition from other Elvis albums. Why ? Result: down down down and it is a real shame.

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