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Belgiums news paper Het Laatste Nieuws will release a full Elvis CD, containing 12 tracks. The special release is part of the new series "Hit CD's" that this paper is putting out. One coupon from the news paper, and 4.95 euro is enough to get this special collector's CD. The Elvis CD is available on Wednesday, November 3rd. The CD campaign comes with a special commercial on Belgian national television VTM. The music that you'll hear - "All Shook Up" - comes from the archives of ElvisMatters, but not the images. Record company BMG gave special permission for this rare CD. No doubt that this new release will once again lift the sales figures of Elvis in Flanders.
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Oct 23, 2004 
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Pharamond (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2004report abuse
more of the same. We surely have everything on that record and BMG should promote the normal releases, God knows there are far to many of those around and every day just brings us a new CD, fans buy it just because they want to own it and for the cover. That's not the way to bring Elvis to a mass public. I repeat it once more, a good remix to bring new and young Elvis fans does far more for sales and give us one good CD for the broader public a year whit lots of promotion.
Gladyslove (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2004report abuse
I think that it is good to promote Elvis this way, but they ( BMG ) should do it with the normal releases, because the promoting in the last few years were worse, not enough. Can somebody remember the Vol. 1 of the ESSENTIAL CD ? It sold over a million In the U.k. alone!! Why ? Because of the good promoting. The same can be said about the 5 CD Box THE KING OF ROCK`N`ROLL and the box with the songs from the 60`s. The Boxes sold millions worldwide. With the promoting the 70`s BOX WALK A MILE IN MY ( SOCKS) SHOES they went wrong. Promo material was rare at the time. So, BMG: Promote Elvis the right way!!

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