Belgian Show Sold Out

The belgian show with the TCB band, Joe Guercio orchestra (with original members) and dutch singer Bouke is a complete sell out. For the Dutch show on May 22nd in Utrecht there are just a few tickets left.

Updated: May 9, 2010 

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Expresleyelvis (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2010report abuse
If it is such a formidable success, then why doesn't national TV report it ? Or the newspapers out there--no sign of Elvis
these days I hear in the media...Could Matters that handle EP there do a better job ? I guess so. Also hear that it's being organized in smaller cities...and since the broader public was not informed re. the event days/info/how to get there, a lot
of fans that otherwise would also have been present, didn't go. Besides, in view of the recent upheavel in BE by the extrimist politicians (that's what we read in the foreign press anyway...?) the french might have hesitated/decided not to go to the Flanders...who knows. I understand German andDutch understand the language there better....Any clarification ?

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