Be Careful On eBay!

A 66-year-old Wrightstown resident has filed suit in federal District Court in Philadelphia against a New York man. He's accusing the man of reneging on a bid he made on e-Bay to buy a 1969 Mercedes Benz that was once owned by Elvis Presley. In his lawsuit, Gene Epstein claims that Jason Shepherd of Ballston Lake, New York, entered a "buy-it-now" bid of 245-thousand dollars for the vehicle. But when it came time to collect, Epstein says, Shepherd allegedly claimed that the bid was a mistake made when his daughter accidentally hit a key on his computer. The lawsuit is seeking for Shepherd to pay the original bid, along with 150-thousand dollars in damages. Attempts to reach Shepherd for comment have been unsuccessful.
Source: ABC Action News / Updated: Jul 29, 2005 
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EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2005report abuse
My thoughts exactly, buyep01. Accidentially hit the button... Pffft.
buyep01 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2005report abuse
The whole thing sounds alittle funny to me. I dont think the young girl would navigate and click that many times. I think the guy might have over bid his self and somebody entered one a little less than his maximum and it was more than the guy had. However if the guy really did do that he should be sued the owner of the car could have got 500,000 you never know. Also it is easy to get in a contest bidding and go a little over what you wanted to spend, I am guilty too but mine was like $75.00. Everything should have ben verified anyway there is no way I would spend a 1/4 million with out going out there and looking at it signing papers with attorneys present I think this was too big a transaction for Ebay, The car should have probably been auctioned at a strictly Elvis High dollar bidding location. Chris Hattaway
Matt W (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 29, 2005report abuse
Ahh, the lawsuit mentality - ohh you brushed by me, I'm gonna take you for everything you've got!

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