Bargains At Elvis Hollywood Auction

Was it the economy or just the lack of interest for the next Elvis Auction in a row? Fact remains that the Elvis Hollywood Auction did not bring in the money that the auction house had expected or hoped for. Several items, including jewelry, clothing and even a guitar remained unsold. And the items that did find a new owner, left the auction table for bargain prizes. These are some of the most interesting items of the Hollywood Auction:

- TCB jacket worn by Felton Jarvis: 1500 dollar

- Necklace with a cross given by Elvis to Linda Thompson's mother: 4000 dollar

- A suit from It Happened at the World's Fair: 11.000 dollar

- A diamond TCB necklace owned by concert promoter Tom Hulett: 8000 dollar

- Pair of Elvis's sun glasses : 5500 dollar

- Love Me Tender lyric sheet: 4250 dollar

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Jun 13, 2010 
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