Barcelona Show Announced

There was talk about doing an extra show in Barcelona on the evening before the TCB cruise set sail. That news is now confirmed: Dennis Jale and the TCB Band will do a kick off show in Barcelona on Saturday September 22nd. If you fly in a day earlier, don't miss this opportunity! Ticket info at our eventspage.

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Jul 27, 2012 

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c.elvis (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 2, 2012report abuse
FTDFan, if you need info about the concert and the venue, please contact me. This will be the biggest event ever made by Club Elvis Spain.
FTDfan (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 2, 2012report abuse
Maybe I'll send my parents this surprise tickets for the show. But "w h e r e" will concert be held in Barcelona. Maybe I go with them and put them on the cruise...if it's not too expensive...Please let us know.

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