Ballet San Jose Rocks With Elvis Tribute

The return of Dennis Nahat's "Blue Suede Shoes" was a blast. The audience started to clap, hoot and holler even before the curtain went up, at the sound of Elvis Presley's voice in the dark, then at the sight of Bob Mackie's outrageously entertaining sets, and last at Nahat's dancers, who have never been better. Nahat created "Blue Suede Shoes" in 1996 for the old San Jose Cleveland Ballet. It was an improbable hit, defeating all fears of yet another lowbrow rock ballet and unveiling from the heart a tribute to the King of rock 'n' roll as well as a deceptively sweet meditation on this country and its pop culture. Danced now by the new Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, with a program endorsement by Priscilla Presley no less, "Blue Suede Shoes" rocks.
Updated: Apr 14, 2002 
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