Back To Tupelo

After the Direstraits song "Calling Elvis", Mark Knopfler recorded another Elvis themed song titled "Back To Tupelo" for his new solo album "Shangri-la". The lyrics: Back To Tupelo around the time of 'clambake' movie number twenty-five you and the lying dutchman are still in overdrive you're as strong as when you started mississippi in your soul you can still be marlon brando and the king of rock and roll it isn't just the records no, you must have hollywood the songs alone are not enough that much is understood you'll soon be back in memphis maybe then you'll know what to do the storylines they're giving you are just not ringing true oh, it's a ways to go back to tupelo when you're young and beautiful your dreams are all ideals later on it's not the same lord, everything is real sixteen hundred miles of highway roll back to the truth and a song to give your mother in your first recording booth around the time of 'clambake' that old dream's still rolling on sometimes there'll be the feeling things are going wrong the morning star is fading Lord, the mississippi's cold you can still be marlon brando and the king of rock and roll but it's a ways to go back to tupelo
Source: Mark Knopfler Website / Updated: Oct 1, 2004 
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Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 4, 2004report abuse
Great lyrics! Already requested in on radio - they always want to be the first!
Jefffirmin (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 2, 2004report abuse
Great lyrics! I'd love to hear the tune. I guess Mark Knofler must be an Elvis fan gven that he's written at least two tracks relating to him. Another fantastic artist showing tribute to Elvis. Thanks Mark.
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 2, 2004report abuse
I hope it gets alot of airplay.
kelvin m wilson (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 2, 2004report abuse
beautiful is the only word to describe these lyrics. mark knopler has come up trumps with this one. wonder if it might possibly be issued as a single ??
doctor (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 2, 2004report abuse
Can't wait to hear Mark Knopler's song. The lyrics are very poetic and have authenticity to them. Beautiful!
CapiTrueno (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 1, 2004report abuse
This is beautiful lyrics!

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