Back In The Windy City Out April 6

The new Joe Tunzi book "Back in the Windy City/Encore Performance IV" is set for release on April 6th. In case you're wondering where the title "Windy City" comes from: the city of Chicago has been known by many nicknames, but it is most widely recognized as the "Windy City". There are three main possibilities to explain the city's nickname: the weather, as Chicago is near Lake Michigan; the World's Fair; and the rivalry with Cincinnati. It has been suggested that politicians are largely responsible for the nickname sticking. The earliest known reference to Chicago as the "Windy City" is from an 1858 Chicago Tribune article. The first known repeated effort to label Chicago with this nickname is from 1876 and involves Chicago's rivalry with Cincinnati.

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Mar 14, 2010 
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