Back In The Desert

Showroom's next release will be titled Back In The Desert. This show was recorded live from the audience during the midnight show of February 22, 1973, in the showroom of the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.

The disc will be accompained by a wonderful 12 page booklet.


1 Also sprach Zarathustra 1:01
2 See See Rider 3:15
3 I Got a Woman /Amen 2:52
4 Love Me Tender 2:44
5 You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me 1:55
6 Steamroller Blues 2:33
7 You Gave Me a Mountain 3:08
8 Fever 4:11
9 Love Me 1:46
10 Blue Suede Shoes 1:08
11 I’m Leavin’ 3:17
12 Hound Dog 1:26
13 What Now My Love 3:02
14 Suspicious Minds 4:15
15 Band Introductions 1:59
16 I’ll Remember You 2:38
17 I Can’t Stop Loving You 2:27
18 An American Trilogy 5:20
19 Can’t Help Falling In Love

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mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 13, 2012report abuse
Ftds are expensive already,and a nice booklet should have been included in every release,after all its a collectors label.
Martin DJ (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 13, 2012report abuse
Of course FTD can release cd's with wonderful booklets. But that would make them expensive. Remember, at FTD they pay royalties when due.
FTDfan (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 13, 2012report abuse
If they can, then why can't FTD codme up with a similar top quality (CD + super great booklet with lots of coloured shots) ?
I definitely will buy this one in the meantime.
Bestoftherest8301 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 11, 2012report abuse
In the 70's I stopped buying albums immediately after Aloha becaues I didn't like the live concert 'samey' songlists. I still hold the same view today. I have bought many more albums on CD over the last 10-12 years (a fool and his money are soon parted I think the expression goes) and yep some of those are audience recordings and I promise you I'll not buy anymore audience stuff. I wouldn't mind the booklet though, screw the CD. As the oldscud pointed out he couldnt even be bothered to complete the lines of some of his classics, just need the jailhouse rock version of forgetting the lines completely to make it complete. I think this may have been released before under 'The Concert Years, vol 60 1969-77' if anyone has it and wants to express an opinion about the sound quality.
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2012report abuse
Dgirl You got to buy this! If not you will be missing a 1:08 minute version of Blue Suede (Elvis had dropped the shoes at this point) & also a 1:26 minute version of Hound (he also was dropping off the dog). Do you really want to miss out on the wonderful 12 pg. booklet.
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2012report abuse
The sad thing is, the title says it all, Back In The Desert. After Aloha, he should have been rejuvinated and anyplace but back in that place. It surely depressed him if you read the accounts of those who knew him. 1973 was the beginning of the end in many ways.
marco31768 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 7, 2012report abuse
I don't know what is the problem, guys: if you don't like these releases, it's so easy: just skip them... But I can't read your strange words about UNRELEASED shows. Maybe you like SONY compilations CD's with the same masters???
Swen (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 7, 2012report abuse
So happy to see another concert with these songs. ;-) I was dying to hear the 2-22-73-version. How many concerts did he give in the seventies? So when will it ever end?
blackdiamond (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2012report abuse
That's a nice booklet indeed!

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