Baby Let's Play House Mix #1 On Digital Download Chart

Elvis Presley at the Top of the official Nielsen Soundscan Digital Download chart in Italy with new remix of "Baby Let’s Play House".
The press release:

London, January 4th, 2008

The brand new Elvis Presley’s remixed song Baby Let’s Play House, available for download exclusively from iTunes, has reached today the number one spot of Italy’s official Nielsen Soundscan Digital Download chart, knocking down Alicia Key’s hit No One, now at number three. At number two in the chart sits Ligabue’s Niente paura, while Eros Ramazzotti’s Non siamo soli is at number four, followed by Jovanotti’s Fango at five. Elvis entered the chart four weeks ago and climbed to the top thanks to new and old fans that purchased the track after the news of this excellent new remixed song by contemporary DJ/producer Spankox started to circulate on the Internet and on the press. This is the first time in history that Elvis is “The King” of an official national download chart.

Italy’s number one radio network Radio Deejay has been giving airplay to the track since the beginning of December, bringing first the song to the masses and boosting the downloads. “This new remix by Spankox is much nicer than JXL’s remix of A Little Less Conversation” – said Radio Deejay’s famous dj-musician Nikki who played the track first – because it respects more the feel of the original song”.

Canada, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway will be the first territories to release the CD single in January and the reaction has been a mix of delight, surprise and respect.

“Initially, we're always wary of anything that involves altering Elvis' master recordings in any way, but this Spankox Re:Version is fantastic and just blew us away” said Tom Holzen, President of EP Ltd.

“The Spankox Re:Version of Baby Let’s Play House will deliver Elvis to a new generation of music fans in an unexpected, cool and compelling way,” said Edward Johnson, Brand Partnership Marketing Manager of ELPR Inc.

Spankox (his real name is Agostino Carollo) is a Verona (Italy) based progressive DJ/producer/composer who most recently wrote and produced the club classic “To The Club” and has produced and remixed tracks for Roxette, Snap! and Vasco Rossi (Italy’s n.1 rockstar) among the others. This release of his treatment to the Elvis classic marks the third time in history that a Presley song that has been remixed by a contemporary DJ/artist will be will mass marketed: the first two, Rubberneckin’ (remixed in 1998 by American DJ Paul Oakenfold) and A Little Less Conversation (remixed in 2003 by Dutch DJ JXL) were wordwide hits, selling millions of copies.

Elvis Presley’s Baby Let’s Play House (Spankox Re:Version) is already available for download exclusively from iTunes in Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium and UK (where it’s already one of the most popular Elvis’ downloads) and will be available in other territories soon.

After the digital release, the physical release of the record, that in Italy is set for January 8th to celebrate Elvis birthday, will be on a brand new media called VinylDisc: it’s a special compact disc playable by a normal CD player but also by a traditional 33rpm turntable. Elvis’ Baby Let’s Play House will be the world’s first commercial release on this new interesting media that like the old 45 rpm singles has one A side (Vinyl) and one B side (CD). The packaging of this original Elvis Presley’s VinylCD, which is indeed a charming collectable item and will be a world’s first, will also be very special and will resemble that of a 12” vinyl. It will include a radio edit version, an extended version and the original remastered Presley song. Also, as bonus, the ringtone. The fantastic videoclip of the track, filmed in the USA and in Ibiza, can be already watched on YouTube.
Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Forum / Updated: Jan 4, 2008 
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Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 5, 2008report abuse
Great news. I only hope that the powers that be take note and do something to push this worldwide, although I won't hold my breath. This is a very respectable re-mix. Although any reworking of a Sun record will always be a delicate and tricky area, Mr Spankox (odd name that, sounds like something from a brothels price list) has done nothing to be ashamed of here: Very well done, and I sincerely hope that the success in Italy will be mirrored the world over.

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