Australia Conquered

Also in Australia Elvis the Concert is received enthusias-tically. The Advertiser (Adelaide, Australia) wrote "As the familiar strains of the Theme from 2001 swelled into the opening vamp of See See Rider...It was a surreal experience, to say the least: a live concert by a dead performer. The eerie sensation was heightened by the audience's reaction that surpassed the usual pop euphoria to take on an almost religious significance." The show hits Australia for another 5 days, including Ronnie Tutt. He is not playing the complete concerts yet, but he tries to build it up. Also CD that was released last year in Europe to support The Concert is released in Australia (15.000), (of course) with a different back cover. After Australia the tour will move to Japan for 3 shows later this month.
Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Nov 9, 1999 
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