Augusta - Once And For All Released

The Rainbow Records import release "Augusta- Once And For All" has been released. It features the complete performance of Elvis Presley in Augusta, Maine - recorded May 24, 1977.

Source: Email / Updated: Dec 21, 2008 
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Jungle Room (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 21, 2009report abuse
Just bought this cd. The sound is quite good, considering it's an audiencerecording. The show is typical for Elvis in 1977. He's doesn't sound inspired, but it's Elvis, so in every show there are some very good moments. The material in the booklet is very nice. I would rate this cd with 3 stars (out of five).
Jesse Garon Presley (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 29, 2008report abuse
PRESYER, i agree with you so much well said!!
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 24, 2008report abuse
Well said. He used so much of his physical power when he was young, that it is the natural course that when he was 35 over things changed. As I stated before: I would have spent a lot of money just to see him in 1976 or 1977. Unfortunately I was never able to make the trip. In those too expensive. He was and still is THE KING, no matter what. Seasonal greatings to all my fellow fans (and everybody else of course)
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 24, 2008report abuse
PRESEYER : wise words from a wise man ! Merry X-Mas and Happy 2009 ! ( these wishes go for the other members too. Always El.
PRESYER (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 24, 2008report abuse
If Elvis Aaron Presley was still alive (nearly 74 years old), would you dare writing the same old critics regarding his health or else ? Ageing if the most natural thing in life and this ever since you were born ! Everyone gets older every day and every second ! Think about it, just think about that ! I saw him performing on that May 24th, 1977. I was there and he really was no one but Elvis Aaron Presley no matter what !
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 23, 2008report abuse
Yes the duets album is great, no less. The best Elvis xmas album since If Every Day Was Like Christmas. Regarding the on tour/in concert: I did of course mean in high quality, official releases. Just like the aloha, ttwii and comeback special. I look forward to see it all in glorious hi-res. It will come, in time!
JJ.aron (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 23, 2008report abuse
EspenK: i know it will be released, but i want it now and of course in high quality!! i have bougt a few bootlegs over the years and i also know that some of them are a bit dissapointing . But the real good bootlegs companys such as Fort baxter,Bilko and Madison are atreat for listining. The cd of FTD are most of the time good or excelent but not always my choice, and i think there is fun for every one for listining. What i like to say i like elvis in many periods of his life and some songs are special for me but i think that's for each individual the same. And i love the new chrismas duets very much ,it brougt tears in my eyes when i first hear it. Forever elvis boys and girls!!
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 23, 2008report abuse
Well said EspenK. These recordings should be available at low price and not at the price of a soundboards. Unless these are top quality (haha)
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2008report abuse
JJ.Aaron: All the material from On Tour and In Concert will be released, it's just a matter of time. Probably not next hear, possibly not even during the nest five years, but it *will* be released eventually. And just for the record: I have nothing against Elvis -77, there are quite a few gems even in this sad year as well. It's the ridiculous pirate releases (also called "imports" or "bootlegs") of audience recordings I have something against. An decent audience recording of Elvis from a rare 50s concert is one thing, that'd be a treasure. Audience recordings from years well covered by excellent sounding boots and official releases something completely different alltogether. No fan should try to earn cash from other fans out of material like that.
Erika Freiburger (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2008report abuse
It's O.K. Elvis in 1977....not a good time period,but not all shows were bad. It's one of the better ones. He still could sing. The sound is not very good,but it's an audience recording after all. The are worse ones. For hardcore fans it's O.K. The artwork is rather good. It's not just a cheap reissue. If you like the shows from this time period then you won't be disappointed. But if you don't like audience recordings and Elvis in 1977 then stay away from this release. It's your choice.
JJ.aron (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2008report abuse
I think, if the sound is good, we must treasere these recordings. i wish epe-people will come to there senses and release the Elvis inConcert on dvd/blueray because elvis was en is still the man!Also on tour i wish ever will come out on dvd/blueray soon?!?! yeah i know i'm dreamin, but also still hoping on better times for the fans. TCB and happy hollidays
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2008report abuse
sorry if I went off topic - I'm getting this Cd if the sound is good! :)
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2008report abuse
I disagree that its a period that should be ignored - unless you work for EPE. Lots of artists have had bad years eg. Rod Stewart, Luther Vandross and isn't Aretha twice the woman she used to be and who can name a hit from her in the last 20 years? Elvis' final years aren't for everyone, just like his films but what they do show is a very human man who gave his all when he thought he had nothing to give (re his confession to Rex Humbard). The version of 'and I love you so' from '77 sums it up.
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2008report abuse
An audience recording like this worth the money? What's the price then - a couple of bucks? I've said it before and I'll say it again (after all, repeating ourselves seems to be the established practise on this site...;-): These kind of recordings should be shared amongst fans. I'll wait for the torrent - and will seed for as long as required.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2008report abuse
It´s a (sad) part of Elvis life, but we cannot ignore it; we have to face it. The choice of this show is a good one; it shows Elvis in a better condition. there are worse. the sound is ok. so the product itself is worth the money..
sitdown68 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2008report abuse
steve, UR right.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2008report abuse
ELvis in that sun dial jumpsuit represents for me, a very bad image & time in the life of Elvis Presley. A man in poor health, faltering career, ridicule, very bad management, lonely, sad, etc. I neither want to see or hear Elvis from that time period.
Matthias Kuenzer (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2008report abuse
26 times.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2008report abuse
Yeah, indeed it is a beautiful cover for a Michelin ad. And no, Mathias, nothing wrong with my skip button... but it makes no sense to put it in and immediately hit skip 20 or more times.
JimmyCool (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2008report abuse
Yeah, it's a beautiful cover.
NONE000000 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 21, 2008report abuse
I really like that cover photo. I guess we all know Elvis was far from his best at this point, but I like something in his eyes on that cover shot. I can see Elvis of years gone by in it--the kid from the 50s looking out of the face of a man who'd be dead in 3 months. (Actually I have no idea if this photo is actually from this show. Either way--really love the photo and I'd never seen it before that I recall)
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 21, 2008report abuse
Audience. Always El.
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 21, 2008report abuse
Soundboard or audience recording?
Matthias Kuenzer (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 21, 2008report abuse
Is your skip button defect?
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 21, 2008report abuse
Mmmm... don't think it will find its way to my player.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 21, 2008report abuse
Don't wait for the review from Lex, Mattias...I could tell you right now how his review would look
Matthias Kuenzer (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 21, 2008report abuse
I don't have an opinion on this CD so far. I'm still waiting on Lex' review.

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