At Full Force

From the press-release:

By popular demand! For those who missed Fort Baxter's 1998 A Hot Winter Night In Dallas  ?D, Audionics will release the strictly limited edition CD At Full Force (AUDIONICS 2010-02-2). This release will contain the dynamic December 28th, 1976 show as recorded live from the mixing desk at the Dallas Convention Center.

To achieve the best possible sound quality, Audionics worked with a 1st generation DAT copy of the original soundboard tape, that was also used for the 1998 release. The sound was restored in a renowned studio and is a significant improvement over the original release.

As you’ve come to expect from us, this new release will come in a beautifully designed package with a 16-page booklet, containing a selection of live photographs from Elvis Presley appearances in Dallas in 1956, 1971, 1976 and 1976 as well as informative liner notes. This CD is set for release in late February. Don't miss your opportunity to get the ultimate release of that legendary concert recording! Those that are a bit weary of hearing another ’76 show following the release of several substandard ’76 shows of late, are in for a real surprise. The way he attacks “C.C. Rider” sets the tone for an action-packed evening with Presley in great mood ("If I die tonight, it will only take a year to get the smile off my face"), with the highlight being the first version of “Unchained Melody” that we have – he’d started doing it the night before, but it’s still uncertain whether that 1st version exists. It’s great to hear this fantastic song in such embryo-like fashion, with Elvis still not being entirely ‘at home’ with it, exploring its possibilities and making it his own.

01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen - 04. Love Me - 05. Fairytale - 06. You Gave Me A Mountain (with false start, incomplete) - 07. Jailhouse Rock (incomplete) - 08. O Sole Mio (Sherrill Nielsen) / It's Now Or Never / O Sole Mio (Sherrill Nielsen) - 09. Tryin' To Get To You - 10. Blue Suede Shoes - 11. My Way - 12. Polk Salad Annie - 13. Introductions by Elvis of Singers, Musicians - 14. Early Morning Rain (John Wilkinson) - 15. What'd I Say (James Burton) - 16. Johnny B. Goode - 17. Drum Solo w/"Hey Bo Diddley" one-liner (Ronnie Tutt) - 18. Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) - 19. Piano Solo (Tony Brown) - 20. Electric Piano Keyboard Solo (David Briggs) - 21. Love Letters - 22. School Day (Joe Guercio Orchestra) - 23. Hurt (with reprise) - 24. Unchained Melody - 25. Can't Help Falling In Love - 26. Closing Vamp.
Approx. running time: 61:06

Source: Email / Updated: Feb 17, 2010 
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Smile:-) (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2010report abuse
The cover is awful!
HangLoose (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 20, 2010report abuse
It will be a welcome addition to my collection. I don't like the cover,though.
John4126 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 20, 2010report abuse
theoldscudder - Given the mostly dire '76 soundboards i've listened to - this and the 'Burning in Brimingham' concert show an artist having fun, upbeat and mostly committed. It's not the TTWII Elvis i know but it's not painful to listen to or as cringeworthy as some of the concerts from that time 1976.
To the casual buyer if want a positive representation of Elvis in 76 - forget the FTD soundboards and invest in a copy of this.
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 20, 2010report abuse
From the comments below you would think this is the 2nd coming. Guys it's just more of the same. I ask those of you that have many live concerts . Can you hear a version of a song & name the concert it is from. They all sound the same sung in the same way. So what's the big deal about this? Someone enlighten me. I just don't get it. Save your money & buy a quality Elvis piece. Maybe a Sun.
Zoltan84 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 19, 2010report abuse
I'm looking forward to get this one. A new show to me.
Erika Freiburger (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 19, 2010report abuse
I will buy it for sure because i don't have "A Hot Winter Night". I hope "Spanish Eyes" and "The King For Dessert" will be reissued too. It's hard to find the originals and they are asking too much money for them. As a newbie i'm glad that there are many reissues recently. Keep them coming! Love,Erika
japio (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 19, 2010report abuse
it's a good show. And if you missed the original. than it's a welcome additon to your (show) collection.And i don't buy thinks only for upgraded sound.You can do that also with free software
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2010report abuse
My Boy... My Boy - how appropriate your sign in is "I Saw the Light.." You are indeed correct that those two "upcoming" releases were announced for GravelRoad NOT Audionics... I stand corrected and admit that I have seen the light...
John4126 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2010report abuse
I listened to 'Hot winter night in Dallas' this morning for the first time in ages - it is a pretty good show - most enjoyable. Worth having.
ranskal (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2010report abuse
As most people are commenting...this is a great show! I get chills every time I hear the intro and then when the drums kick in. The crowd's reaction is amazing! The crowd must have been really loud!
elvis sweden (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2010report abuse
Yeah bring it on audionics.I had the the old titel with baxter twice, but sold them because I knew that it would be re-released again.Why keep old titels when new with improvement will exist from great labels?Of course I can understand people that don't can afford to buy.
Smile:-) (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2010report abuse
But this show is better than the Birmingham show in my opinion (even though it lacks the surprises from the other shows). Oh how I wish FTD would release this concert with the rarities from the other shows as bonus songs... (with the Dec. 27 Wichita concert as disc 2!)
I Saw the Light (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2010report abuse
I think that Gravel Road, not Audionics, will release the Chicago '76 shows and 'Get Down And Get With It' 1970 rehearsal. As for the "At Full Force"- bring it on, Audionics!!!
Monster (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2010report abuse
My Way and Blue Suede Shoes were performed over 20 times each in 1976. Hardly regular songs in one of Elvis's busiest touring years admittedly but there are plenty of versions to choose from in that year which is why I wouldn't call them rarities. Unchained Melody was new of course and it's a nice, evolving song at this concert but it was a regular number from this point on so although it's new in December 76 it's not a rarity in my mind. Don't get me wrong it is a great show and I'm glad I've got the Fort Baxter CD but the set list is fairly typical for 1976. Only the performance is unusual for 1976 and that's why this show gets so much attention. Listening to Elvis's mood I keep expecting him to burst into something spontaneous and unexpected the way he did when he was in this kind of fun mood but he doesn't go off script at all. Indeed the next few shows would deliver the kind of rarities I'm talking about - Reconsider Baby, Rags to Riches, Such a Night, Little Sister, all very rare for the time.
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2010report abuse
No doubt that this is one of the finest shows ever released from 1976; so, if you don't have the original, you need to get this one. I am curious as to why this is being released when a couple of months ago it was announced that another July / August 1970 rehearsal was being released as was "A Day in Chicago" featuring the two shows from Chi-town in 1976. Anyone know why these two have been shelved or pushed back in favor of another re-release ? I hate to say it, but Audionics is starting to make a living off of re-releases of classic "imports."
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2010report abuse
For Elvis concert fans, this one is a favorite. I like the New Year's Eve show better a couple of days hence, only because Elvis wasn't as hyped up on that performance. In Dallas, he just goes flat out nuts! His high ball, bombastic endings, are almost too much, even for Elvis! The rapid fire remarks to the musicians and audience, at times, sound more like an auctioneer than a man with a Southern drawl, but who can complain? It's Elvis! The jokes are the best! You can figure out what Elvis and Ginger had been doing either earlier that day, or the night before, from a couple of the comments. Elvis' remarks sounded like they were from a teenage boy who had just kissed a girl for the first time.
marco31768 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 17, 2010report abuse
A must to have !
SnOwMan (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 17, 2010report abuse
Monster wrote: "Surprisingly for such an upbeat show there aren't really any rarities here." You're wrong. "Unchained Melody" was a brand new song in his live repertoire,this is the second time he ever sang it on stage. It was a real rarity in december 1976. "My Way" and "Blue Suede Shoes" weren't often performed in 1976,either.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 17, 2010report abuse
Well I will say that this was a fantastic show ! I would really go for this one when this release has a better sound ! Otherwise I will skip this one...but when it has the sound improvement of "One Night Only" for example I would go for it....
Jerome-the-third (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 17, 2010report abuse
love Audionics love this show but no- I won't spend the money again on this line up of songs or it must be unreleased. but audionics did a great job on spring time tours and their sound is always fantastic, great label!..
Monster (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 17, 2010report abuse
Very good show in great sound on the original album at least. It's especially nice to hear a straight and very happy Elvis so late in the game. It wasn't all downhill after 1975 and this tour was one of the last times he was able to apply the handbrake on the slide. Surprisingly for such an upbeat show there aren't really any rarities here. But he's in fine voice and ready to please. Mind you he does tell somebody in response to a request "no Teddy Bear, forget that!" Wish he'd done that more often. Special mention must go to Ronnie Tutt's astounding drum solo in front of his home crowd. He's like an octopus having a fit behind the drums, just incredible You might not want to skip through this section of the usually interminable band introductions.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 17, 2010report abuse
Great show from a great tour...go and get it..!! Elvis would never be as good as he was there..

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