Ask Ernst - Part 5

Ernst Jorgensen kindly accepted to do a follow up for the "Ask Ernst" section of ther FECC site. You can send your questions to the webmasters at Please keep in mind that Ernst Jorgensen will only answer questions related to the FTD label. He can't answer on behalf of other's companies, so don't ask him if Warner will release a special edition DVD of "Elvis On Tour". The webmasters will compile an interview from the questions they received. It's not possible to give a precise schedule when it will published on their site since Ernst is a busy person, but he'll do it when he has some spare times. The webmasters would like to point out that there is no possibility to open a "real" dialogue between Mr. Jorgensen and the fans when his answers are being subjected to irritating comments on theb FECC forum, or elsewhere for that matter. If for some reason you are not satisfy with an answer then you'll have other chances to go back to the subject in the future for further explanation. Let's keep this positive and have the chance to established a real dialogue instead of making this a dead end with unpleasant remarks. This is not only valid for the "Ask Ernst" section but also for any other interviews they might do in the future.
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Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
Hi Ernst, First of all agree with JS, but also how about putting pressure on EPE re a DVD on the 25th anniversary at The Pyramid with LMP/PP/TDB band etc. etc. etc. There it is out on pirate but the real thing is what we we are after ..... maybe a phone call to Jack Soden?!! In the meantime .... fantastic work EJ and I for one fully appreciate it! Thanks!
edward a l (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2005
Invisible because there were too many capitals in the text
RobIreland (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 9, 2005
Invisible because there was abuse of the keyboard
RobIreland (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 9, 2005
Invisible because there was bad language used
elvissessions (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 8, 2005report abuse
To distill the point about Elvis on Tour and the CBS Special: For the 14 millionth time, RCA/BMG/Sony does not control this footage. They CAN'T release it. Every public appearance and every interview and every Q&A with Ernst is bogged down with questions and explanations of this. It drives me nuts that people think they should be dictating what RCA, EPE and the movie studios should be releasing when they can't even keep track of who owns what. Do some research, folks.
Rusty (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 8, 2005report abuse
I would like to know more about the 'Elvis is Back' FTD release on 7" format and also the news that they may be issuing the 'Something For Everybody' album on 7" format which is my favourite album and is very underated.
Son Of Mark 64 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 8, 2005report abuse
I would like to know if there are any plans to release a full session on ftd label eg all of the gi blues session would make a great box set
krister (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 8, 2005
Invisible because there was used a language other than English
volvo (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 8, 2005report abuse
I would like to ask, is there anywhere we can hear samples of the FTD CDs before we buy them? but my outlook express isn't working.
emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 8, 2005report abuse
Jim - I cannot understand why you would want to ask Ernst if the CBS special is coming out on DVD. It has nothing to do with him. He might want to see it come out, and he might make suggestions to the people that own the rights. If he says "I would like to see it released, but I have no idea if it will be", surely this is an honest answer. In the past, Roger and Ernst have given out certain infomation on forthcoming tracks etc, only to find that some hitch further down the line has prevented this from happening. In the meantime, the "jungle drums" have started beating, and when it doesn't happen, they receive thousands of e-mails/telephone calls etc asking for reasons. The work that Ernst & Roger do was never intended for release. If it were not for them and their dedication to Elvis' legacy, I doubt we would even have an FTD label. Just check out many other major recording artists of Elvis' era. I don't see it happening with The Beatles, The Stones, Cliff etc. Ernst & Co are only answerable to us if we buy the product produced by them and it is of a sub-standard quality. Yes, I would like all the movies and TV shows on DVD and more out-takes (not sure my bank manager would agree). What other advance details can they really give us. If they say "Yes, we have this", the next thing is, they're bombarded with requests for release dates etc because everyone will want it as soon as possible. Then they'll comply with that request and get flack that they're putting too much out! Recently, Warners got bombarded with e-mails asking what had happened to the other 6 movies on DVD, simply because someone mentioned in Memphis that they were being scheduled for a Jan 2005 release. As nothing had been put in concrete re schedules, it won't be happening for several months. Keep questions relevant, but please don't slag Ernst & Co off if you don't like the answers.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2005report abuse
Please all bear in mind, that whilst Ernst and Co do a very good job for us, he is providing a Customer Service and the paying public have the right to ask any questions they want too, providing its done in a polite manner. If I ask Ernst, will the CBS 77 Special be released one day, and he says'' No idea'', well thats hardly a very good answer to give to the people who spend hard earned money buying their products. You wouldnt get that in any other Customer Service role, and I dont expect the same here. I think its Ernsts ''give absolute nothing away answers'' which are the root of a lot of negative comments, that we hear from time to time. All I say, is open up a bit more, advise us of plans for the future in a bit more detail, what you have left in the can etc for each respective concert year.
emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2005report abuse
I thought the idea was to ask Ernst about the FTD label, its future intentions etc. I see hidden messages here relating to the terrible way BMG UK have handled the 18 No.1 single releases. Surely this has nothing to do with Ernst. Since when have FTD had anything to do with DVD releases of Elvis' concerts. Doesn't the header to this question & answer session ask people not to mention things like "When will this DVD be released". If you keep giving the guys at FTD too much of a hard time, they might just pack it in altogether, and then where will we be? Don't forget - FTD don't owe us anything. If you don't like they way they do things, don't buy it. Nobody is holding a gun to your head. Become Beatles fans, and then see how little you get from EMI.
Miss Clawdy (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2005report abuse
Just one question: Who else have we got to turn to, who would do something FOR us fans, if we can't turn to Ernst?
Nobody talks about the fact, that he's done very much for us. I just mentioned, that they messed up this project big style. Is it asked to much, if we have questions? Jep, let's be happy with the crumbs we get fed on... not for Elvis, but for quiet sake.
RobIreland (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2005report abuse
CPE I really really hope you are not including me in your statment !. I believe my questions to be very productive and actually I didnt have to share them with you or anyone for that matter. I am a big appreciator of Ernst and I think fans should show a little more gratitude towards him for all he has done in recent years, so just to let you know I aint whinging !
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2005report abuse
Why do fans take it out on Ernst for ? I am sure his hands are tied when it comes to some of the Elvis releases.I think his doing a great job.
CEP (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2005report abuse
Good man Mr Semple
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2005report abuse
PS - I asked him about the DVD release to of 26/6/77 !
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2005report abuse
Ernst should really open up a bit more when dealing with questions. Most of his answers are generally Yes, No, Perhaps etc, which does tend to come across as a little arrogant at times to some people. My question - Ernst, whats the latest on Elvis' last ever concert, 26/6/77. Do you have a Soundboard and are your hands tied because EPE won't allow you to release it ?. Thanks. I've just emailed that to FECC like I was supposed to do !!
CEP (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2005report abuse
If I was Ernst I would n't even bother to even try and give feedback after having read the first few posts here.Ernst has been absolutely brilliant on behalf of Elvis fans - we all owe him a huge debt of gratitude.And another thing for you whining, whinging, moaning, ungrateful, impatient fans who are starting to litter this site - 3 number ones,2 number 2s and an album in the top 10 all within a 5 week period - mission accomplished - here have the shirt of my back as well or go and join a Beatles web site.
Of course things are n't perfect but Elvis fans have had more goodies from their record companies and EPE during the last 10 years than any other artist - 50s,60s,70sbox sets,Thats the way It Is SE,Comeback and Aloha DVDs,A little Less Conversation, loads of unreleased versions and songs etc. Beatles,Dylan,stones fans can only look on in envy. Either use your brain and ask Ernst some productive questions or don't contribute at all and hey Ernst if you read this - Thanks and I'd buy you a beer !
RobIreland (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2005report abuse
Well iv just sent two very friendly questions off referring to certain movie FTDreleases and an idea iv had about if possible could they produce a storage box, similiar to the singles box, to store the movie FTD 8" cds in. I got mine wrapped in bubble wrap, not very attractive.
jb gude (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2005report abuse
Well, Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, you sure sound right to me. I guess we can have a fill in the blanks and the answers from EMJ already:
Q: DO you have ............. in the the vaults?
Ans: Sorry BMG does not permit me to answer questions on what we have or do not have in the vaults.
Q: When will you release ......... ?
Ans: Sorry I cannot answer specific questions like that!
Apart from that I m sure the intentions are good and I hope we get some answers from EMJ. BUT always remember EMJ does not know what BMG UK does or wants to do ... or does he ? In fact I would like to start off by asking a question on the recently released FTD "On Tour" rehearsals.
Why was no additional studio / location chatter/talk included and why did you not include songs like "I John" and "Bosum of Abraham" especially when the CD was just over 52 minutes long?
Miss Clawdy (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2005report abuse
Let's get it straight here: You say ask the top man of BMG but don't critisise, because he might not like it and might not keep in touch?
Well, I got nothing to ask then, because it's obvious what concerns the fans in UK and all of Europe at the moment. BMG and EPE should have solved ALL problems before they start a project like 18 # 1's.
For as far as I'm concerned it will take a lot of hard work for them to staighten it all out again. You think, I'm furious? You're right!

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