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Anything having to do with Elvis is popular and loved the world over. His music, his home, his cars, his outfits, nothing escapes adoring fans. Yet it is the horses in the pasture that intrigue so many of the visitors to Graceland according to an article on the website of the Mid South Horse Review. Use the link below to read the article on Ebony's Double, a 31 year-old, registered Tennessee Walking Horse, the last horse Elvis bought that is still around.
Source: Google / Updated: Jun 17, 2004 
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cyn (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 18, 2004report abuse
i don't think you should do that actually because you might trigger a heart attack or something and kill him. we want to preserve his life for as long as possible and i still want to be able to see this horse when i get to go to graceland one day..
ijustcanhelpbelievin (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 18, 2004report abuse
i agree,a great story!!! if not yet read,please do really shows elvis had a love for horses too...stories like these,really show who the man was,and his character...
Gloria (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2004report abuse
What a wonderful, lovely story.
jessy (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2004report abuse
Ebony's Double...I'm going to give this lovely horse a big hugg..when I'm in Memphis...

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