April Fool's Day

On Alt Elvis King a message appeared supposedly form Associated Press/Reuters (Japan): Elvis Pokémon Frenzy Has Japanese Kids All Shook Up. Here' part of the text. Pokémon, the cartoon television series and video game from Japan, caused riots at Japanese department stores this weekend as a new Elvis Pokémon video game was introduced. The game, featuring a character based on the late King Of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, was introduced to Japanese children during a special on Japan's popular NHK television station on Friday night ... On Saturday, stores across Japan opened early as thousands of children stood in line with their parents waiting to buy the new Elvis Pokémon video game released on the Nintendo Play Station 2. Sales are reported to have exceeded one million copies on Saturday alone ... The sales director at the Tokyo branch of Sogo, Tamaguchi Sashimi, another of Japan's main department store chains, had the entrance of his store closed again at 9 o'clock in the morning, only one hour after opening, as crowd control became impossible. Local police had difficulty to restore order, an estimated 20,000 people still waited in front of the store to buy their copy of Elvis Pokémon. No this was no joke from ElvisNews... perhaps next year.
Updated: Apr 3, 2001 
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