Another Vigil?

Plans for a fund-raiser and candle light vigil were discussed Friday at the second meeting of the Harold Ray Presley Memorial Committee. Presley, while serving as Lee County Sheriff, was killed in a shootout with a suspected kidnapper on July 6. Plans for a candle light vigil at Presley's gravesite are under way for Oct. 5, Presley's birthday. A fund-raiser of some sort may also be held on that same day. The committee has also gotten permission from Elvis Presley Enterprises, the company that holds the rights to the performer's name and estate, to print decals with the sheriff's star and a banner that reads "Taking Care of Business". Another goal of the committee is to have the Lee County-Tupelo Adult Jail, the Inmate Work Center and Commerce Street renamed to honor the late sheriff. Mississippi Valley Gas Company has also agreed to donate construction on a gas light flame inside the main memorial to be built outside the sheriff's department. The committee originally planned to build an eternal flame, she said, but a gas light flame is not as costly. They are checking on an artist to do a sculpture for the flame. They try to get an eagle in copper for the flame. Donations can be sent to Committee Treasurer Paul Funderburk, c/o Presley Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 842, Tupelo MS 38802.
Source: Daily Journal / Updated: Sep 2, 2001 
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