Another Elvis Remix On The Way?

After the rumours that the new remixes of 'Burning Love' might not be 'good enough' the subject is now back in the spotlight. On the BBC site we found the following update on the 'Burning Love' mix. DJ's Tiesto and Kosheen are both working on separate remixes of the Elvis Presley song 'Burning Love'. It has not yet been decided which version of the classic track will be released. Tiesto has described his as something completely different to his usual work: "It's more breakbeat, it's very good I think," he told BBC Radio 1. The Presley estate will have final say over which track is chosen.
Source: BBC / Updated: Sep 17, 2002 
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elvishimselvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 8, 2004report abuse
Here it is. 2004 and where is this remix of Buring Love. probably in the trash. what a waste. I would love to have heard it. WHERE IS THE BURNING LOVE??

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