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In the last edition of the Dutch detective series "Baantjer" an Elvis impersonator was murdered (by another impersonator). This edition of the series realized a rating record in the nine years this series has been on television. 3.144.000 people watched the impersonators killing each other and saw how detective De Cock and his assistant Vledder solved the murder mystery. In this edition guest appearances were made by two well know Dutch singers; Huub van der Lubbe (de Dijk) and Gerard Cox and also the runner up from the Dutch edition of Idols Jim.
Source: ANP / Updated: Oct 28, 2003 
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JamieAKelley (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 14, 2003report abuse
Normally I'd just stay out of this kind of thing, but I wanted to clear up a few issues. First, though, I'd like to say thanks to those who mentioned me in such a good way, it's very flattering, especially on a site with such big fans, that really means a lot since I'm such a big Elvis fan as well. I did want to mention that I have never been forced into what I'm doing, I've been doing it for a long time (21 years come January) because Elvis music was pretty much the only thing I wanted to listen to when I was little, and it's much of what I listen to now. Loving that feel early on is most probably what shaped my tastes in a lot of things, including doing Elvis performance shows. "Unfinished Business" is actually the start of my "solo" career, so to speak. I really wasn't "trying" to sound like Elvis on it, even though some may listen and think differently. I'm recording my second album of this type in a week, to be released next year. I don't want anybody to think I'm on here for a sales pitch, so just check the site next month if anyone's interested. My point is that since I've done this for so long, and it's become very internalizd, this solo separation is most comfortable for me as a gradual thing. Also, since Elvis' style of music "moves me" more than any other, my own music will always have similarities. As a fan, it's a real treat, since I also get to feel something of what Elvis felt, recording in a studio, with all those talented people. Not many are that lucky.
I want to stress, however, that no one except Elvis was Elvis, and no one ever will be. He was, and still is after his death, the best. :) No matter what similarities may or may not be there, I will always be clear on that. To close, I'd like to ask everyone to keep an eye on my site in future months, just because I'm working on changing some of the format to show the good that Elvis perfomers can do, particularly with bringing new fans in. Actual accounts written by the people themselves will be put on the page, as this issue is very important to me. And since there are many out there who make Elvis look bad, I'm working on an idea to help that get better as well, since that problem is also important to me (as it is to all fans.) I will also let Elvis know of these things when they're ready, and hopefully they will convey what's relevant. I'd like to thank everybody for the time reading this, and I hope you all will like what I've got cooked up for my fellow fans everywhere. Thank you.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 29, 2003report abuse
Vincent, I went to that site, and I understand what you mean. He comes indeed pretty close, just like Johnny Earl (UK) did with Pocketful of Rainbows, it could have been an outtake. Still I don't like it... it comes close, but it isn't Elvis... I'd rather listen to the real thing. And live I prefer people that are themselves, singing with their voice, and not trying to come as close as possible... like Jenson Bloomer, or Number 9 (both UK too).
VanGogh (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 29, 2003report abuse
Lex, I agree with you....sort of. I really do hate impersonators. I think the term Elvis Tribute Artist is stupid nonsense. Nevertheless, this Jamie Aaron Kelley guy is astounding to me. The first track on his CD is "Don't Forbid Me" backed with the Jordinaires and DJ Fontana on drums. Anyone who's heard the Million Dollar Quartet knows that Elvis would've had a hit if he'd recorded this song.
And I swear, I am not easily fooled, but if Ernst would have stuck Kelley's version of the song on an FTD release and said it was just discovered, I would have had no problem believing it. Also on the CD is "Poor Man's Gold." The concept was to do songs that Elvis almost recorded or meant to record etc.
I know I sound like I work for this guy, but he is really good. He does not have black hair, he does dress a bit like 50's Elvis, but then again so do I. And, as I understand it from his website, his father was an impersonator, so perhaps the reason he hasn;t made it on his own with his own talent is because he was pushed into this. Maybe. Who knows. But I seriously recommend looking into this guy for the sheer enjoyment of it. The website is just his full name dot com.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 29, 2003report abuse
If those two had a really exceptional voice, they would have made it on their own, without dressing up like somebody else. Oh, how I wish EPE had stuck to their guns last year, when they tried to fight this ridiculous outing. Those fools and their followers is the biggest reason why Elvis (fans) aren't taken seriously.
Lovely Linda (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 29, 2003report abuse
We do not all feel the same about E.T.A."s. I've met Jamie Aaron Kelly...he's got a beautiful voice...give him a chance before you bash him. Also have seen Trent Carlini's Show in Vegas many times...We can't have Elvis so Trent is the next best thing. How can anyone say that these two E.T.A.'s don't have a great voice?
beachmom (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 29, 2003report abuse
I went to see "The Dream King" (Trent Carlini), in Elvis' showroom at the Las Vegas Hilton ,out of curiosity. It was o.k., he did a retrospective kind of thing, lots of costume changes, a pretty good back-up band, I thought of it more as a musical theater kind of thing and didn't take it too seriously. Mainly I just wanted to soak up some Elvis vibes ,see the stage he performed on so many times. In that respect I was not disappointed.
Yvonne (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 29, 2003report abuse
Normally I always watch the Baantje series but last Friday I didn't. Simply because I didn't want too see all those ridiculous impersonaters. The concept of the show was very good's only a shame that only 1 impersanator was killed......
VanGogh (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 28, 2003report abuse
I'm glad we all feel the same way about these ridiculous Elvis Impersonators.. However, last August while I was in Memphis, I bought a CD by a guy named Jamie Aaron Kelley because I was curious. The CD featured the Jordinaires, Boots Randolph, David Briggs, DJ Fontana and a few other names I knew well. The kid on the cover looked like he was about 22 years old and not dressed in a jumpsuit or anything silly. Anyway, it's one of the best CDs I've gotten in a long long time. Anybody else know about this guy, or heard him?
kelvin m wilson (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 28, 2003report abuse
you are certainly not alone as far as i am concern lex. lets see that only another million or so to go, hopefully we can be through them by christmas
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 28, 2003report abuse
So I am not the only one who thinks the only good imposter is a dead one :-)

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