Another Elvis Record Set To Be Tied

Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Garth Brooks, Harry Connick Jr., Whitney Houston and Sarah McLachlan. They are just a few of the multi-platinum artists whose Christmas albums failed to reach #1 on The Billboard 200 between 1994, when Kenny G's "Miracles -- The Holiday Album" rang the bell, and last week, when Josh Groban's "Noel" became the first since then to do so and the album holds on to that spot this week. If he holds on to the #1 spot next week -- as preliminary data from Nielsen SoundScan which tracks sales since 1991 strongly suggest -- "Noel" will be the first to lead Billboard's album chart for three consecutive weeks since Elvis Presley's "Elvis' Christmas Album" did so in 1957.
Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Dec 9, 2007 
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John4126 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 17, 2007report abuse
Didn't know this bloke - so checked out some of the tracks on his new disc - lawdy what are you yanks thinking?!! Come back Perry Como !! Boring or what??!!
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 10, 2007report abuse
Nimy. Gosh Groban is probably the finest male singer in the world today. Not rock or pop, much like Mario Lanza was in the 50's. Elvis would have loved him I'm sure.
Nimy (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 10, 2007report abuse
Who is Josh Groban ?
efan4ever (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 10, 2007report abuse
Josh Groban is really talented. I love his version of O Holy Night! Elvis will always be the King of Rock and Roll.
Kenneth (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 10, 2007report abuse
a record going to be tied after 50 yrs. says a lot about ELVIS' staying power and JUMPIN your right on the money.
Jumpin Jehosaphat (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 10, 2007report abuse
Your going to laugh at this BUT in 1957 3.00 or so was a heck of a lot of money to spend on an album, and to be number 1 with a teenage audience that was really going some. going dollars to dollars then cannot compare to now. in that time period 1.00 us was about 4 marks
nrbl (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2007report abuse
lots of records that Elvis has set will enventually be broken because taking into account when these records have been set/made is not compareable to today with all them media coverage and the access to the world wide web along with higher population, like Hessing said, and also due to the fact that the higher population has better financial means that at the time the records have been set, it is only normal that the newer artist will eventually break Elvis records. To me he will always be the First in all that he has done.
Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2007report abuse
Record's are made to be broken..particlarly the old 78rpm lol
Devon (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2007report abuse
I may be wrong but here goes, Elvis started over fifty years ago and yes he set many records but as time goes by there are going to be people who will set new ones. We all love Elvis thats a fact, but it goes much deeper. Elvis will always be the King, he was and will always be The King. But there will be others who take up the spotlight and set new records. There will only be one Elvis, God rest may he.
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2007report abuse
i like josh groban if anyone breaks elvis's record id like to have him do it.
marty (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2007report abuse
Records are always broken. Some last longer, some last less. But Elvis is a part of music's history not just because he broke and set records, but because he was unique and changed popular music. This is a fact, even to non believers. That's why he is still very much in the spotlight 30 years after his death. Records and statistics are not so important in comparison.
hessing1 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2007report abuse
Elvis' recording's and his hits will all be broken one day. Not due to the artists or quality of their music but simply due to the world population. Elvis' sales world wide will more than likely never be broke in my lifetime due to the fact that most acts have fare weathered fans. The reason this is true is because there was no real talent there to start with. People just don't set a high level of standards for being a performer or singer these days. Elvis, Dino, Sinatra and Sammy along with a select few are the bar I set for performers.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2007report abuse
elvismovieguide. you cant say that. Ive learned to never say never The world is always changing. - you never know what records will or wont be broken. I dont care about this stuff anymore. Its all in the quality of music of which Elvis will always reign supreme. Add to that his impact to the world pop/youth culture in the 50's and then you are talking about something that can never be duplicated
elvis-finland (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2007report abuse
Pedro, that's not true. Nobody will ever get more gold and platinum records than Elvis, no one will ever sell more records etc.
Pedro Nuno (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2007report abuse
As sure as life itself, one day all Elvis Records will be broken! But as far as i'm concerned, i just love his music and it gives me something that no other muisic gives me. So i don't give a dam about records. The king's music is trully impossible to beat! Tcb.

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