Another Commercial

According to Elvis World Japan Elvis appears in another TV spot. This time for the "AIG" Insurance Company. One of our members updated us with the following information: "I have seen the new commercial a couple of times. It shows the old clip of a DJ breaking Elvis records saying how he wouldn't play them. Then the commentator says. "They said they wouldn't play his records if he kept shaking his hips." Then it has a clip from the fifties of Elvis shaking his hips. Then they show Ed Sullivan waving no and it says, "They said they wouldn't let him on TV if he wouldn't quit shaking his hips. Again they show Elvis shaking his hips. Then they cut to a clip from Elvis on Tour shot from back stage as Elvis spreads his cape and the caption reads, "Sometimes the greatest chances are the ones not taken." All this may not be word for word, but that's about how it goes."
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: Jun 23, 2000 
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