Anniversary Wallpaper #3

The previous two weeks we added the winning and runner up wallpapers to the site. Today we added the third wallpaper and third prize winner, David Neale, to the site. He created a very original black and white wallpaper. You can download the wallpaper below, and in our fun section. In the weeks to come several more entries to the competition will be added to the site, so if you also mailed us a wallpaper, you might still see it ending up on ElvisNews.
Updated: Apr 3, 2004 
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dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 6, 2004report abuse
A thoughtful Elvis. A dynamic Elvis. And in his prime 1969/70 Vegas era. Not especially original, perhaps, but nice, very nice.
Pietro S (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 5, 2004report abuse
And I'm not. I've alvays loved Elvis on photos from '69 & '70. I really like this wallpaper. Dave Neale, congratulations. Your wallpaper is just beautifiul. Thanks!
j luc  (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 5, 2004report abuse
Sorry Elvislovers, but this is far from original. I'm disappointed.

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