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Set for release on October 4, 2005 is an 3CD box titled "Hitstory". The first two discs are "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" and "Elvis 2nd To None". The third CD is titled "The Story Continues" and contains 19 tracks. The press release: Sony BMG will release 'Hitstory,' an 80-track, three CD set of Elvis Presley's chart hits. Spanning his entire career from 1954's "That's All Right" to 1976's "Way Down," this deluxe three-disc set combines two landmark collections of Elvis's indispensable smash hits with a brand new compilation of more essential Top 20 singles. 'Hitstory' features Elvis' popular hits and recent chart-topping remixes, including "Heartbreak Hotel," "Hound Dog," "Love Me Tender," "Blue Suede Shoes," "Jailhouse Rock," "A Little Less Conversation," and 74 other iconic Presley hits. Discs one and two of 'Hitstory' are made up of 'ELVIS 30 #1 HITS' and 'ELVIS 2ND TO NONE,' which went to #1 and #3 respectively on the Billboard 200 chart. The fastest-selling album of Presley's career, 'ELVIS 30 #1 HITS' went triple platinum within months of its 2002 release and went on to sell more than 9 million copies worldwide, proving that Elvis Presley is still a major name in the 21st century. Meanwhile, 2003's platinum 'Elvis 2nd To None' delves deeper into the King's hit-making legacy with more #1 singles, career milestones and fan favorites. Disc three, 'The Story Continues,' is a brand new compilation showcasing nineteen Top 20 singles from the Billboard Top 100. With hits from all three decades in which Presley recorded, 'The Story Continues' is an essential collection. 'Hitstory' is digitally remastered using DSD Technology for optimum sound quality. This three-disc collection is the perfect gift. It comes in a magnificent and elegant hard-bound package with iconic Elvis imagery and a collectable poster. This package is set to cap off a big year for Elvis. Between a TV special, accompanying CD and DVD an exciting new compilation, and single CD reissues, the 70th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's Birthday (January 8, 1935) has seen massive recognition across the board. Track listing CD 3: I Beg Of You / My Wish Came True / Fame And Fortune / I Gotta Know / Flaming Star / Follow That Dream / One Broken Heart For Sale / Kissin' Cousins / Such A Night / Ask Me / Ain't That Lovin You Baby / Easy Question / I'm Yours (Single Master) / Puppet On A String / Love Letters / Separate Ways / Steamroller Blues / If You Talk In Your Sleep / My Boy.
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snyper (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 12, 2005report abuse
I couldn't agree more....this is just anoter attempt to get "the true Elvis fans"to spend more money on repackaged,recycled box sets.I also collect everything Elvis,but this time i draw the line.and people thought Col.Parker was a cheat! BMG should treat Elvis fans better than this!
Lou A (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 12, 2005report abuse
Isn't it about time that BMG gives us the definitive collection of Elvis' hit singles in chronological order with the charting B-sides? Each of these collections miss at least some of the hits, and the songs are scattered around in no particular order. I hope that for the 50th anniversary they release such a box set with all of Elvis top 40 songs or better yet all of his charting songs.
buyep01 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2005report abuse
I have to agree who is this targeted for I can almost guarantee this set will be up-wards of $80.00 I am a die hard fan but the only thing i can do with this is is leave it in its pretty case and look at it. I am a collector and a die hard Elvis fan I buy everything that has Elvis's name and face on it. It never ends no wonder people want imports and bootlegs so they can hear something different. Elvis's 70th Birthday and this is the big strategic marketing set 2 old realeases and 1 disc not even with alternate takes it just sounds better. if it is under $80.00 I will have a heart attack. I have to think on this one and when I have to think on an Elvis product a die hard Elvis Fanatic and i am only 28 yrs old and spen most of my spare money on Elvis. It will be like Elvis close-up listen once maybe twice if it is in your car when you get in. This one wont even get that i will record the 3rd cd on my computer and listen to it there or take a cruise and listen to the sound quality, Then it will be put back in the box with the other collectibles so the case wont be harmed. Please get the message give us something really new, and not the Elvis Insiders club that is a joke I am a member and it has about four things to do for 30.00 this site I am on now is 100x better than the Official insiders Club i am waiting on the book the King. Instead of spending $80.00 of the new box set I will probably wait till it goes on clearance in 3 months and buy it for 20.00 still in the rapper, it's true check out amazon.comand look at some of their side shops on previous box sets. When i first seen the head line for Epe History Box set I was really excited you know the estate has changed owners we have got the first new worthy Item , Wrong!!!!!!!! same thing again repackaged. How many times would you buy your computer if I put it in a different box and changed the cpu cover to a different color and done it 50X. However Me and you buy it so what can we say I am glad they still package the king, and it sells why don;t we do a follow that dream box set or something to get excited about. Yeah as sad as it is I will buy it but I dont know if I will take the plastic off maybe just the collectors thing for me. Thanks
Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2005report abuse
It seems BMG are going back to the three r's: Repackage, Remaster and Rip off.
dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2005report abuse
I'm in total agreement with EJF -- this all but screams out, "Rip-off!" I'd have no argument with a new 30-hit-titles follow-up to "2nd To None," but I'll not be spending "deluxe three-disc set"-type money to re-buy discs one and two just to get the 19-track "The Story Continues" disc. If the record label feels absolutely compelled to do a multi-disc box-set of the hits, why not do it right for once and for all: Every charted single, with notations as to chart entry dates and peak positions on all the Billboard charts (Hot 100, R&B, Country, Easy Listening/Adult Contemporary) as well as the Cash Box Top 100 (theirs being a sales-only chart, as opposed to Billboard's sales/airplay mix, the differences in peak positions can be surprising); all tracks presented in chronological order according to their release dates on 45 r.p.m. format; all tracks in their original single mixes, and the whole tracklist delivered in the best possible sound quality. An overview by a serious and well-known rock journalist (or more than one, for that matter -- different input from different countries would be interesting), along with a high quality, photo-filled booklet, would also be most welcome. Of course, something like this would mean putting Elvis and the Fans first and business-as-usual on the back-burner. Hey, I can dream can't I.
E.J.F... (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2005report abuse
Yes Marko, you are right. And actually I do have that version too! But in my frustration at this blatant fan-exploitation I forgot all about it! Thanks for reminding me.
Marko (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2005report abuse
EJF, you forgot to mention the DVD-audio version of 30 #1 hits. That makes this new set fifth release containing this same album.
E.J.F... (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 4, 2005report abuse
So who exactly is this release aimed for? The new fan who may not have some of the tracks? The die-hard fan (like myself) who has the same tracks ten times over? First we had a regular edition of 30 #1 Hits which I bought but managed to re-sell. Then we had a 2-Disc Special Edition which I still own. Then came a 2-Disc version comprising Vol.1 & 2 together which I refrained from buying. Now we are supposed to fork out God knows how much for this 3-Disc set which contains a third disc of "new" hits! Come on RCA/BMG/Sony! Haven't you milked us long enough?! And besides, why only 19 tracks on disc 3? What about "Hurt", "For The Heart", "I Just Can't Help Believing", "Until It's Time For You To Go", just to name a few examples, but which all were "hits"? DSD technology may tempt me to buy a 1-Disc version of Disc 3 when it eventually comes out, which I'm sure it will in a year or so. But this version? Thanks but no thanks!

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